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Yellow Toenails

Thick yellow toenails are usually caused by a fungal infection called onychomycosis. This can be irritating or painful. It’s less common, but the infection can affect your fingernails as well. Thick yellow toenails can be
removed effectively by using this treatment.

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Yellow Toenails

Modern Yellow Toenail Fungus Treatment And Tips

Causes of Yellow Toenail Fungal Infection
Nail fungal infections can be caused from any number of yeasts, molds, or fungi. These organisms live in moist and warm environments and can invade your skin and cuticles through microscopic cuts. These invasions are more common in the feet because due to lack of blood circulation and the dark and moist environment of footwear.

Factors that increase susceptibility include heavy perspiration, psoriasis, poorly ventilated socks, athlete’s foot, or diabetes.

Fungus can be very painful and cause permanent damage unless treated. It can also pose serious health risks for people with diabetes, poor circulation, AIDS, Leukaemia, or weakened immune systems. Seeking a doctor immediately is recommended if a fungal infection is suspected.

Test and Treatment for Ywllow Toenail Fungus
Testing for an infection is relatively simple. Additionally the procedure is painless and has no side effects. Debris from beneath the cuticle is collected by the doctor and may be cultured in a lab to identify the cause. Knowing the cause may help prevent future infections and determine the best possible course of management.

Though onychomycosis may be difficult to treat there are many over the counter creams and ointment. Drugs such as clotrimazole, miconazole, terbinafine, and tolnaftate may all be purchased without a prescription. Unfortunately most of these are not very effective and medical attention may be required. It is best to consult a physician.

A doctor may prescribe oral medications, which have been shown to be most effective. These medications work by helping the nail grow free of infection. Oral treatments may take 4 months to cure the infection and end results are not visible until the new has completely grown out. Unless care is taken, recurrent infections are possible. It should be noted that anti-fungal drugs have a wide range of side effects from skin rashes to liver damage. As always, the doctor should be informed of previous medical situations.

Time to Heal
A moderate infection may require the prescription of an antifungal lacquer. This is much like a nail polish as it is painted on the nails once a day. There are additional topical medications which may be used in combination with the oral medications. If the condition is severe or painful the doctor may remove the infected area by surgery.

A new, fresh and clean replacement will slowly grow but can take up to year to completely replenish itself. Additionally a new treatment of laser or photodynamic therapy has been proven successful. Unfortunately it is extremely expensive, not available everywhere and may not be covered by insurance. As with other forms of treatment, using lasers may take up to a year before results are visible.

To prevent future infections and to ensure effective nail fungus treatment one should practice good hygiene. Keep your nails clean, wear appropriate clothing, use antifungal sprays, and do not go barefoot in public. Additionally, avoid picking at the skin, give up artificial nails and polish, and most importantly, always wash your hands after touching an infected area.

3 Tips about Yellow Toenail Fungus Home Remedies

Fungal infections are very distressing to a certain person, especially if they affect a part of his or her body that cause too much trouble like it hinders him or her from doing some activities or cause him or her to do actions which are uncomfortable. An example of this is a fungal infection affecting the toenails where it can wound the nail, cause inflammation, pus formation, foul odour and general discomfort.

Toenail fungus is also known as onychomycosis or paranoychia. This condition happens gradually in which the symptoms are hardly noticeable at the first stage then gradually increases like turning of the colour of the nail into black, thickening of the nail and crumbling of the nail. Once it is left untreated, the colour of the nail will turn to yellow or brown. Also, expect to have an enlargement of the toe plus you may experience the nail being pulled out from the nail bed. Toenail fungus usually affects the big toe and the little toe.

The main reason why toenail infection occurs is due to lack of good hygiene and the use of tight fitting shoes without enough exposure to air. The proper pH level of your toes is important in preventing the growth of fungi. It is also important not to share your shoes or socks to anybody and avoid the use of sweaty socks. Here are some of the home remedies for toenail fungus.

Yellow Toenail Fungus Home Remedies

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is the first on the list among home remedies for toenail fungus. It is known that this substance has natural antiseptic properties. It also serves as a fungicide that stops the growth of the fungi and at the same time destroys it. What you have to do is to apply the tea tree oil mixed with olive oil to the toenail being pestered by fungal infection. You can also mix equal amount of olive oil, tea tree oil and thyme oil then rub the mixture on the infected toenail. Allow it to be absorbed by the area for 10-15 minutes, and then scrub the affected part with a toothbrush. Continue applying the mixture until the infection is gone.

Listerine Mouthwash

If you want to be innovative, you can also use a mouthwash since a regular mouthwash contains several compounds which include alcohol that can help in the treatment of fungal infections. Mix the mouthwash together with a heavily acidic natural substance like lemon juice. Add the mixture with enough water in a basin where you can soak your infected feet for around 20 minutes. Do this procedure once a day and continue doing it daily until you can see some improvement in your nail.

Oregano and Olive Oil

Oregano and olive oil are also two of the most popular home remedies for toenail fungus. Try to mix one teaspoon of olive oil with 2 drops of Oregano essential oil.

Apply the mixture daily on the infected area for three weeks. If you are one of those who are experiencing toenail fungal infection, you can use any of the above three home remedies and expect to see good results.

Toenail fungus home remedies are probably people’s best bet in treating the fungal contamination. Make sure that you have no allergic reactions to these homemade treatment ingredients. If you have allergies, you may be in for a worse condition.

4 Important Tips to Lose Yellow Toenail Fungus

If you want to avoid lose toenail fungus, it is better to take good care of your feet by means of:

Tip #1: Prevent and Limit Toenail Fungus by Maintaining the Cleanliness of your Feet

It is extremely important to clean your feet on a regular basis. You must also dry it thoroughly after brushing it up properly. Always making your feet dry is essential in order that fungus will not thrive into it because fungus wants moist places. You must also try to change your socks frequently and put on dry shoes as well, particularly if you have sweaty feet. It is as well an excellent thought to stick to sanitized locations, and be cautious of using public pools, showers, etc. to avoid being contaminated with fungus.

Tip #2: Take Care of your Feet Properly to Avoid Fungal Infection or Reduce the Gravity of the already Existing Ones

If you are cleaning your feet, make sure to clean them up properly and avoid obtaining cuts or bruises, particularly on the area of the toenails because cuts on the skin can make it effortless for fungus to attack. If possible, try to avoid putting on nail polish because it can ensnare moisture, which make it easy for the fungus to get into the toenail bed comfortably. If possible, try to put on anti-fungal powders on your feet and in your shoes so that fungus will not thrive in your feet.

Tip #3: Experiment with Oral Medication to Destroy the Infection

Visit your doctor and try to ask for medicine that can help destroy the infection in your toenails. Most likely, your doctor will prescribe medication that contains lively components such as terbinafine or itrconazole. Significantly, these ingredients can assist the development of new nail as well as avoid increase of infection.

However, the disadvantage is that you will not be entirely liberated from fungus until the root cause of the condition is completely treated. Oral medication for toenail fungus also includes serious side effects such as liver injury.

Tip #4: Try Using Topical Medications to Deal with Toenail Fungus

There are particular types of topical medicines intended to control toenail fungus. You can avail them in cream or anti-fungal nail polish known as ciclopirox.

However, these medications are not extremely efficient and are frequently recommended together with oral medicine.

Since toenail fungus is extremely hard to treat, there are instances that surgical procedure is required to remove the fungus. However, you would not need to undergo expensive surgery if you keep these tips in mind. The key to fungus free toenails them dry and clean.

5 Tips to Consider about Pedicures and Yellow Toenail Fungus

Obtaining pedicure once in a while is a means of spoiling your toes because you chill out as your feet are immersed in a calming hot bath. However, you might be able to get toenail fungus infection through pedicure. This happens if the tools the technician utilizes are not disinfected after using them to other individuals. Moreover, you can acquire toenail fungus if the salon or spa you go to is dirty and does not follow thorough hygienic processes.

Tip #1: Grounds of Fungal Infection

You might be infected with fungal infection on your toenails if they are exposed to the fungus, wherein it can attack the region of your toes. Having pedicures set up a perfect situation for spread of the fungus, particularly if the technician or the salon you go to does not take necessary precautionary measures.

Fungus flourishes in warm, moist situations and can be spread along by way of utilizing infected tools. The technician might have already utilized the tools on somebody who is already infected with fungus. Once this happen, the infection might be transferred to an uninfected customer by utilizing the same tools without disinfecting them first.

Tip #2: Start of Fungus

The toenail fungus will begin to grow rapidly following exposure, even though you might not become aware of it for a number of weeks after the infection had been passed on to you. It might begin as a form of harmless blotch on your toenails and you will not be able to foresee that there is already a huge problem until your nails begin to deform.

Tip #3: Treatment for Toenail Fungus

There is great possibility that toenail fungus can be healed, but it commonly takes time and needs physician’s care. There are some over-the-counter ointments and creams that are not efficient for some individuals. You can ask your physician for prescription oral medication like terbinafine or itraconazole, if over-the-counter products have no effect. You must take in the oral medications for as long as 12 weeks.

However, it will take a long time to totally cure the toenail fungus for the reason that your nail should develop first totally to remove all the indications of fungus. If you are sure that the toenail fungus infecting you is due to the disinfected instruments from the salon you went to, you can request the salon to repay you for the medication. Ask your physician for complete record of the treatment you underwent so that you will have an evidence to show to the salon owner.

Tip #4: Precautionary Measure

You can avoid toenail fungus infection caused by a pedicure by being vigilant regarding choosing a salon to do the pampering for your feet and toenails. Search for indications of danger aspects as well as unsanitary means. For instance, the technician must no longer utilize the tools once they are dropped and must not utilize similar devices to the next customer without appropriately sanitizing them first.

Tip #5: Word of Warning

You might not the sole individual to obtain toenail fungus from getting pedicure in spa or salon that does not engage in sanitary habits. You can report the problem to your nearby health department or proper authorities, so that they can look into the business and might recommend closure once they obtain sufficient complaints. If you do this, you will be able to aid other customers from obtaining the infection.

Pedicure is supposed to relax you and not give you infection. Therefore, you should choose a spa or salon that is sanitary with their tools and surroundings. In this case you will prevent yourself from having toenail fungus.

7 Tips For Yellow Toenail Fungus

If you have been looking for solutions for toe nail fungus, you are definitely not alone. Millions and millions of people around the world have the same problem. Most of them ignore it because it is generally not a life threatening ailment while others fight constantly to find a solution.

1. Wash your feet nightly with some type of antifungal soap. Many of us get into the shower without any real focus on our feet. It’s important to make sure that they are washed completely. Use a small brush to scrub your nails if possible.

2. Along the same lines of washing your feet properly is to make sure they are dried thoroughly. If you regularly put on your socks and shoes with wet feet, you are creating the perfect environment for nail fungus to grow.

3. Keep your nails cut. Cutting your nails on a regular basis helps to promote the growth of new nail. It also lessens the chance of you having a nail injury from banging against shoes or furniture, which often results in a fungus invasion.

4. Use foot powders and sprays. Using an antifungal foot powder or spray will not only help to keep your feet dry but they will protect them from growing fungi.

5. Rotate your shoes every other day. Rotating your shoes gives them a chance to air out and makes it less easy for fungi to grow.

6. Use a topical antifungal treatment. One of the easiest treatments for toe nail fungus is an antifungal liquid. These can be applied to the surface of the nail and the surrounding skin to help kill off the fungus.

7. Get laser treatments. Laser toe nail treatments are said to be up to 88% effective but they can be expensive at $1000.00 or more per 45 minute session. You can do a search via Google for “laser toe nail fungus” and your local city to find a qualified podiatrist in your area.

9 Tips on How to Use Sea Salt for Yellow Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is typified by thick, blemished or yellowish nails that can turn out to be brittle and may flake away. Aside from the fact that toenail fungus can be extremely ugly, it can also turn out to be excruciating from time to time, bringing about discomfort and uneasiness.

Attempting to eliminate toenail fungus can be fairly costly because of the recurring visit to your physician as well as the price of the prescribed or OTC medicines. However, there is a cheap procedure to heal toenail fungus which is by way of sea salt.

It is fairly easy to use sea salt for toenail fungus. All you have to do is prepare the things you will need such as: toe nail clippers, nail file, small basin, towel, sea salt, hydrogen peroxide, hot water and vinegar.

Tip #1: Cut your toenails and buff off as much of the fungus-infected toenail as you can. This will aid the sea salt medication to get through to the infected region fast and effectively.

Tip #2: Place hot water in a small basin, intended for feet alone, with merely sufficient amount to coat your toes. Make sure that the hot water you are going to soak your feet into has a temperature that you will be able to stand.

Tip #3: Fold up a towel and put it beneath the basin at the part where your heels are. This will incline basin in a way that most of the water will go to your toes.

Tip #4: Incorporate one cup hydrogen peroxide to the water then immerse your toes into the solution.

Tip #5: Remove your damp toes from the water then spill out ground sea salt on top of your toes. Let it remain there for approximately three minutes prior to putting your toes in the water again for immersion. As your toes with sea salt are resting out of the water, incorporate one and one half cup of ground sea salt into the water and hydrogen peroxide solution you immersed your toes initially.

Tip #6: Return your toes into the water, peroxide and sea salt solution then immerse them for 30 minutes.

Tip #7: Take away your toes from the sea salt solution then dab them dry. Tenderly rub down your feet as well as toes to aid in facilitating circulation to the region.

Tip #8: Put a drop or two of vinegar onto the contaminated toenail. Do not wear your shoes or socks yet. If you want to go outside, wear your open toe sandals or flip flops.

Tip #9: Do the 30-minute sea salt immersion every day or as frequently as you can until the toenail fungus had faded. You might require going on doing the immersion approximately once every week to avoid the reappearance of fungus once it is cured.

Soaking your infected toenails in sea salt water solution is considered efficient in treating toenail fungus. However, you have to wait for several months before noticing the desired result. In addition to that, remember to do the regimen methodically to achieve its full effectiveness.

Yellow Toenail Fungus Cure Quick Tips

Getting rid of ugly nail fungus starts with your daily routine and taking care of your feet. One of the problems in trying to get rid of toe nail fungus is the fact that it takes time and commitment if you really want to have clear nails again.

Here are some simple steps that will go a long way in killing fungus.

1. Avoid Danger Areas

Nail fungus is quite contagious and we have shared this with our readers several times in the past. It really does little good to work at eliminating yellow nails only to walk barefoot in areas like gyms, public showers, etc. This is a sure-fire way to contract the disease again. A simple solution is to invest in a pair of shower shoes and make sure to wear them whenever you are exposed to these places.

2. Dry Your Feet and Toes

If you suffer from toe nail fungus, you surely understand the importance of washing your feet but many of us skip the all important step of making sure they are completely dry. Damp areas are prime territory for Onychomycosis (nail fungus) so you need to make sure to avoid this problem. This is especially true if you are going to put your feet into socks and shoes. The combination of darkness, moisture, and heat is ideal to help the fungus grow. If necessary, use a hairdryer to ensure your feet and toe area is dry.

3. Cut Your Nails Regularly

Keeping your nails properly trimmed is highly important when dealing with fungus. Fungi will normally invade your nails through some kind of crack or opening and often this is caused by ingrown nails or nails that are too long and bang against your shoes. It’s important to avoid these problems by cutting your nails straight across the top, filing them smooth, and using some kind of conditioner to keep them from being brittle.

These are some simple steps that anyone can use to fight against fungus. One last thing that you should consider is that no cure is going to work overnight. It takes time for your nails to re-grow and force out the damaged nails.

Yellow Toenail Fungus Treatment – 7 Useful Tips to Cure

Though there are various treatments, some of them are simple and others are complex. The effect varies with the mode of treatment selected. However, there are some procedures to be followed in starting and continuing the treatment.

1. As the first thing, one should identify the source of infection and confirm the ailment as a case of fungal infection. It should not be taken easily and ignored when you have the warning signs of toenail fungus.

2. With any such early signs you have, you must consult a medical practitioner and get his advice for an effective medication for your fungal toenail cure. You should not decide any treatment yourself as there is risk in such unanimous decision.

3. There are many counter prescriptions to treat the fungal nail. But you should be cautious in the reliability of the same. It may cause negative results if not consulted with a registered doctor.

4. There are creams and ointments which can be applied over the infected area of the nail. The length of toenail fungus treatment depends on the intensity of the bacterial infection. Normally, it requires two to three months for a complete cure for toenail fungus. The ingredient of the cream or ointment is the fighting component against the infection.

5. There are some essential oils which can be painted well and covered with a cotton pad to protect against dust.

6. Before applying cream or ointment or essential oils as recommended by the doctor, the infected area around the nail should be cleaned well with spirit.

7. For some persons, the application of cream or essential oils can cause allergies. In such context, the topical application should be stopped to avoid secondary complications or rashes of allergy over the skin.

Essential oils: Tea tree oil, Oregano Oil, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Olive oil are most popular which are used to fight and cure toenail fungus. Sometimes, two oils are mixed for additional effect. But the mixing ratio should be as recommended. Olive oil is generally used as a diluting agent as well as a mild fighter in curing bacterial infection.

Ointments: In this category, we have Vicks Vapor Rub and Lubricant Grease. These are also used for topical application which can work well in killing the germs causing toenail fungal infection.

If you feel sluggish to use essential oils or creams for toenail fungus treatment, you have some other sources with useful information for treatment with Vinegar for toenail fungus AND Listerine for toenail fungus.

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