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Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus

Tea tree oil is a known antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant, and these actions helps to reduce inflammation and enhance healing.

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Tea Tree Oil For Toenail Fungus

Using Tea Tree Oil to Combat Nail Fungus

Melaleuca alternifolia is the formal name for the tea tree plant, which is native to Australia. It is thought that several naturally occurring substances called terpenoids are responsible for anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of tea tree oil. It is these chemical substances that have been found to be effective in killing dermatophytes, the main cause of nail fungal infection.

The tea tree oil should be applied by dipping a cotton swab or a Q-tip in the oil and applying it to the infected nail and adjacent skin. It is oftentimes helpful to cover the nail with a plastic bandage so that the oil does not spread anywhere else and gets absorbed properly by the nail. Tea tree oil should be applied two to three times in a day for approximately six months or until the nail fungus is no longer visible.

Although tea tree oil is not a “cure all” for all nail fungal infections it is something that is definitely worth trying.

Tea Tree Oil and Toenail Fungus

Many people have effectively used nature’s tea tree oil for nail fungus. Tea tree oil is potent enough to cure all types of skin disorder including those that do not react well to prescription and chemical drugs. Tea tree oil permanently gets rid of nail fungus infections due to its potent antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Are you still wondering whether tea tree oil can get rid of those unsightly yellow crusty nails? After reading further, you will understand how using tea tree oil for nail fungus comes out to be a better and safe alternative in comparison to other drugs and treatments. Let us study the physical properties of this plant to have a better idea of its amazing effects.
What is Tea Tree Oil? Also known as Melaleuca alternifolia, the tea tree plant is native to Australia.

To extract and produce a pure oil, the leaves and stem of the tea tree are subjected to a steam distillation process. Pure tea tree oil is often mixed with other healing oils for the treatment of various skin disorders as well as curing nail fungus.

Healing Ingredients in Tea Tree Oil:
Apart from containing the various naturally occurring substances in tea tree oil, the most potent is terpinen-4-ol. The main cause of nail fungus is dermatophytes, which can be easily eliminated by terpenoids. Terpinen-4-ol has proven antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. The natural oils present in the skin effectively forms a bond with the tea tree oil.

This bond produces a barrier on the skin, which further inhibits the development of fungi and other harmful organisms. Tea tree oil proficiently speeds healing and also reduces the risk of scarring, while fighting nail fungus infections Tea tree oil acts on the root of the fungus by penetrating the thick layers of the infected nail. Other topical treatments for nail fungus are not so successful in treating nail fungus infections due to their lack of nail penetration. Such topical treatments can only treat skin fungal infections like athletes foot.

Do you need more information about tea tree oil for nail fungus? A little below you will discover a natural way to cure your nail fungus infection. Tea Tree Oil for Nail Fungus Onychomycosis is an embarrassing condition due to the presence of unsightly, yellow and crumbly nails. Onychomycosis will not be cured on its own since it is difficult to treat.

Onychomycosis needs early treatment since it is contagious in nature, making the condition more painful and difficult. The tea tree oil possesses antimicrobial properties, and is mainly used as a natural remedy for toenail infections. There are various types of fungi that can be the cause of nail fungus, however, tea tree oil treats all sorts of nail infections. Fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses are easily eliminated by tea tree oil.

Treating Toenail Fungus With Tea Tree Oil

When we are thinking about treatments for toenail fungus we always think of vinegar and tea tree footh baths. A lot of people believed that they are good treatments for toenail fungus. But can they really cure toenail fungus?

How effective is tea tree oil?

Known to be a good cure for toenail fungus, tea tree oil is extracted from the Australian tea tree with a latin name of Melaleuca Alternifolia. This tea tree oil has been recommended and used by many with the belief that it is a natural remedy in curing toenail fungus. This is very popular especially to those who are believers and practitioners of natural medicine and treatments.

They said that tea tree oil comprises of some properties that are good in treating toenail fungus. It’s know to have antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti viral properties. However it has not been proven medically as well as scientifically.

So can it really treat toenail fungus? Maybe yes, but to possibly cure toenail fungus, it needs to be mixed with other essential oils as tea tree oil only carries one of the ingredients needed to treat this kind of fungal infection. They blend well with Vaseline, imethylsulfoxide, iodine and Vicks vaporub. When mixed together, it is believed that it can effectively treat toenail fungus. Despite of the testimonials of several people, its healing capabilities still remains unproven by scientific research.
Tea tree oil when applied directly to the infected area is believed to heal and give satisfactory results. This is so since according to some, tea tree oil possess antiseptic and anti fungal elements and properties. It is also used to treat ring worm and dandruff. Personally,I did not noticed any major effects that others are claiming about the effectiveness of tea tree oil on treating toenail fungus.

Can vinegar really cure toenail fungus?
Because of its acidic properties, vinegar is also believed to be a good remedy for toenail fungus. Acids can stop the spreading or presence of toenail fungus. So you have to apply vinegar daily to stop the toenail fungus from spreading and continue this process until its totally gone.

White vinegar is commonly used. You can either apply the vinegar directly to the affected area or soak your feet in vinegar for around 30 minutes, you have to do this everyday. However you need patience, since it might take months or even a year to see the results. Others even recommend that you take apple cider vinegar internally. You can drink two to three tablespoons three times a day. You need to rinse after drinking it because of its acidic elements which may damage your teeth.

Zetaclear with Tea Tree Oil and Undecylenic Acid Kills Toenail Fungus

Zetaclear natural toenail fungus treatment system is one of many different options on the market to help get rid of yellow toenail fungus. It appeals to those consumers who want something that works without the harsh side effects of many commercial products. Nail fungus can be a truly disruptive ailment and is something that millions and millions of individuals around the globe deal with on a daily basis.
It turns your nails yellow, thick, and ugly. Believe it or not, it can impact your day to day life and create an enormous amount of unwanted stress.

This is particularly true if you are a lady and someone who enjoys wearing sandals and strapped shoes.

For most people, having toenail fungus is not a huge risk to your health.
But, it can turn into a serious problem if you have diabetes or other life threatening diseases.
Zetaclear is a designed to help halt the growth of a specific type of fungus caused by dermatophytes.

These are microscopic organisms that live on your skin and nails and ultimately destroy them. Dermatophytes may also develop on fingernails but infect toenails much more often.
One of the reasons that they tend to like toenails more is that they are known to grow and thrive inside damp and dark places.
If you have searched the interment looking for solutions, you will discover that there are a ton of home remedies floating around the web.

Unfortunately, many of these remedies do not work and some of them (such as soaking your feet daily in bleach) could be dangerous to your health. Zetaclear utilizes special and select ingredients that contain natural antifungals and are proven to help stop the growth of fungus.

Some of the key ingredients include tea tree oil and undecylenic acid. It also has contains other items that help to recondition the skin and surface of your nails. Even though you can buy some of these ingredients separately, they work perfectly together when using the Zetaclear formula. Zetaclear is very easy to use and is applied to your infected nails a couple of times per day using a topical applicator.

A key reason that zetaclear continues to be so popular is that it uses safe ingredients, and does not provide the risk to organs that have been experienced when using items like lamisil. Zetaclear also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee policy.
Many other products on the market only provide for 60 days.
This gives you the chance to see how well it works and plenty of time to return it if you are unhappy. Toenail fungus treatment options are plentiful but that does not mean that they all work. If you really want to have clear nails again, give zetaclear a shot and make sure to be diligent in your treatment until your new nails grow back.

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