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Natural Remedy For Dry Eyes

Natural remedy for dry eyes is available among us. Nature has shown their power since it can help human to solve their problems especially in healing some disease. God is fair to us. He creates dangerous disease for us, but still He gives us way to get the remedies for it. For many years human are tackled to some diseases frustrated them. However, in the end they can get the remedy for the disease through nature.

There are many remedies that are provided by nature to heal various diseases including eye disease. One of the eye diseases that can be fought for by nature is dry eyes. Is this disease dangerous enough or bothering? This disease is not dangerous for human but it is bothering for human since they cannot perform the best effort in their activities.

What are dry eyes? Dry eyes are the dried out of layer of tears. It will cause the dry spot in the surface of the eye. The dry sensation certainly will cause the sandy sensation of the eye, even the eyesight is getting blurred sometimes. This problem can be overcome through natural remedy for dry eyes.

Why do the unstable eye layers occur that causes the patient to get natural remedy for dry eyes? The eye layer called lipid oil layer, tear layer or aquos, and musin layer are three layers covering the eyeballs.

Lipid oil layer is produced by Meiboom grand located at the edge of the eyelid. It is hardly to see directly due to the grand is inside the eye. The grand is functioned to reduce the vaporization in the aquos layer. If the layer is not working normally so aquos layer will be dry soon. It is usually attack the people who suffer from eye inflammation.

The second layer is tear layer or aquos. This layer is produced by eyelid grand. If you are sad, the layer will bring out tears in a big amount which is regarded as the secondary task. The primary task is clean the eye from the dust that come into the eye.

The last layer is musin layer. The deepest layer takes a role as glue sticking the two layers above. The unstable conditions of those three layers that make you apply natural remedy for dry eyes.

There are other causes of dry eye apart from the unstable condition of the three layers. You can apply the natural remedy for dry eyes after you know the definite causes. The reduction of tears production can be one of the causes.

Dry eye usually attacks people over 40 years old. Besides the age, there are still many factors that encourage dry eye, such as environment, and habits. Environment factor for instance is sunlight that is strong enough, the wind in the dry season which tends to be dry, certain height, being in the room facilitated with Air Conditioner.

And the habits that can cause dry eye such as working in front of the computer for a long time, driving in long period, reading book in long duration, or sun gazing. Those habits have decreased the eye blink amount so that the irrigation of the eye becomes choking up.

Natural Remedy For Dry Eyes: The Symptoms And Natural Pharmacy

Have you ever experienced burning eyes? Dry? Itchy? Those are the symptoms of dry eye that requires you to do natural remedy for dry eyes. After you experience those symptoms, you will also experience the advanced symptoms such as irritation because of dry wind of smog, tired eyes, watery eyes, and blurred eyesight. Those are regarded as natural remedies dry eye syndrome.

Home remedies for dry eyes can be the alternative to overcome the symptoms above. The remedy connected to the food menu that can you get naturally from natural pharmacy.

Dry eyes can be healed by consuming food containing omega 3 (tuna), vitamin A (carrots), glucosamine and chondroitin (shrimp and lobster) and vitamin C (orange). By consuming those foods, you have applied natural remedy for dry eyes.

How To Improve Vision Naturally

We spend millions of dollars every year on hair care, skin care products; but there is only a small amount of us that pay attention to eye care and eyesight improvement. It is very unfortunate that people tend to forget about their eyesight till it’s too late and you end up with long lasting problems in your later years.

How to improve your vision today, then all you have to do is consider today’s discussion as the first step in the right direction. We need our eyesight to be in good health as some people find it hard and get depressed when their eyesight fades.

It comes down to this without our vision we can find it hard to do simple tasks. Like driving, typing an email, this becomes an arduous task if you can’t see what is in front of you. Do you think you are ready to start to improve your eyesight? Here are some simple guidelines on how to improve vision naturally.

Now, the number one thing you should look at is your diet. Now your diet has a major impact on every organ in your body. Even though you might not feel anything now, if you have an imbalanced diet you will feel it later on in life.

Now the best thing about us humans is that we can make small changes but yet positive changes, you will find out that you will reap big benefits immediately. How to improve vision with diet is not that hard, all you need to do is eat food that is in rich in the vitamins A, C, and E.

You can easily get these essential vitamins by eating the right foods like collard greens and oranges. Green and leafy vegetables are packed with vital nutrients. Eating three to four servings of fruits and vegetables every day will ensure clear eyesight even in advanced age.

Getting the right amount of omega 3 fatty acids has been shown to have good effects on us humans for vision. You can get omega 3 fatty acids from two sources one a supplements, but you can get it naturally from fatty fish, such as the wild salmon. Now, if you do like your meat you can swap fish for two nights a week to get your fill of omega 3.

Monitoring your blood sugar level is also a must if you are a diabetic. Diabetics have a higher risk for eye problems like cataracts. Controlling your blood sugar, and leading a generally healthy lifestyle, will definitely ward off complications in the future.

Do you use tobacco products like cigars and cigarettes? If you do, and you are already suffering from deteriorating vision, it might be a good idea to stop smoking now. Smoking harms not only the lungs, but also the eyes. Harsh chemicals in tobacco actually degrade the vital and sensitive blood vessels that serve the eyes. Over time, tobacco use can harm your vision.

Do you like playing golf and other outdoor sports? If you are a sports enthusiast, and you are regularly exposed to the sun, you definitely need to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

The sun contributes to human health by helping the body produce vitamin D – but too much exposure can also harm the eyes. Buy a good pair of sunglasses with high UV protection. This way, you can enjoy your outdoor activities and keep your vision clear for years to come.

Easy Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision

For Eyesight improvement, there is no need for it to be expensive; there are simple exercises to improve vision that you can start doing today without you having to purchase a single thing. You may ask how this is possible.

Well, you see there is a theory that the human eyes can be easily trained to view your surroundings, and this is at any age. Unless you have an eye condition that stop you from being able to process light, exercises to improve vision will work just fine on you.

The first step you need to take is to work on your optical muscles. Your optical muscles are essential; the small optical muscles around your eye help the eyes to focus. Your eye muscles are, well let’s say, are just like a camera’s moving barrel that supports the lens. This, in turn, allows the lens to do its job properly.

To introduce you to it, here are eye exercises to improve eyesight:

Palming Exercise

Palming exercises are an excellent stress relieving technique. It helps relax the eyes and reduce the amount of strain, especially when you’re using it as part of your work.

To do this: First, take a deep breath before you start. Place both your hands over your eyes with palm cups covering your eyes. Let the palm of your hand rest on your cheek bone & your fingers on your forehead.

Leave enough room for your eyes to blink. Do not apply too much pressure. Do not focus your vision on anything and let the view come naturally. Continue with this exercise for at least 2-5 minutes.

Palming is an excellent eye exercise in improving eyesight naturally. While this may not sound much of an exercise, its beneficial effect can actually make a big difference.

Flexibility Exercise

Next is the flexibility exercise. If done regularly, it can improve how fast your eyes can focus. This is a good exercise for people with myopia or nearsightedness. It might also help people who are suffering from farsightedness.

To start the exercise, place your palm right in front of your face at about 6 inches of distance. Use both hands if necessary. You can also use a board. Now focus your eyes on it for about 5 counts. After counting, quickly remove your hands or the board and focus your view on a far object or place.

Again do five counts and return your palms or the board at six inches distance in front of you. Do this exercise repeatedly for about 20 minutes daily. In time, your eyes will learn to change focus quickly and the efficiency of your eye muscles will greatly improve.

Staring Exercise

The problem when you start wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses is; the eye muscles become lazy as they get accustomed with the lens. As a result, these muscles would only require little effort in order to see properly.

It’s both a good thing & a bad thing; a good thing because it helps reduce stress in the eyes, & it’s a bad thing because it leaves the muscles of the eyes a bad habit.

To correct this, you need to train your eyes by looking at an object minus the glasses. Make an effort to stare at something distant every 20 – 30 minutes for about 30 seconds. By doing so, you are improving the ability of your eyes to focus.

Index Finger Method

Another way to help improve the natural focus of the eyes is by using your index finger. This exercise works by staring at your finger at hand distance instead of distant objects.

To perform this, place your finger in front of your nose and extend it at arm distance. Stare at your finger for about 20 – 30 seconds using one eye at a time followed by looking at a distant object. Repeat this exercise for at least 25 – 30 times for each of your eye.

Sunning Exercise

Next in the list of eye exercises is called “sunning”. This one is designed to help your muscles maintain a focus without fazing. This strengthens the eye muscles. This is achieved by keeping your eyes face only one direction while moving your head sideways and against a focal point.

The exercise requires a sunny day, a desk lamp, or flashlight. Face the light source with your eyes closed. It should not hurt your eyes. If it does, you may need to find a less powerful light. If the sun hurts your eyes, try a desk lamp.

A flashlight is often a good choice because a good one will allow you to adjust the intensity. Now ignoring the light as a focal point, turn your head left. Make sure your eyes don’t move and follow the direction of your head. Now turn your head to the right. Repeat the process for 3 to 5 minutes per day.

As you can see, this exercise lets your eyes maintain only one direction. At first, your eyes might be tempted to keep focus on the light. But this is the challenge. You want to be able to ignore the light.

This technique along with other eye exercises can naturally reverse the effects of myopia, blurry vision, and other eyesight problems.

Sight Pattern Method

One of the easiest exercises to improve vision and to increases the strength of the optical muscles is by doing a sight pattern exercise. The Sight Pattern Exercises can be done just by picking a regular pattern, and just moving your eyes to that pattern.

Let’s say that you choose a pattern like the figure “8” pattern. All you have to do is just move your eyes as if you were drawing the figure of “8” with your eyes. You must remember that the movement of your eyes is consistent at all times.

Now, if you are finding this exercise to improve vision a bit hard you can try to do more simple patterns. Something as easy as just moving your eyes from right to left, but make sure that your eyes stay in a straight line and don’t move up or down.

These eye exercises to improve vision are more affective if you do them repeatedly through your day. So you don’t just have to take five minutes out of your day doing this single exercise to improve vision.

The best way to perform these exercise to improve vision is do one exercise for about one minute, the do another one a few hours later. Now learning to do these exercises to improve vision will take some of getting use to, so don’t get frustrated if you not getting the results you would like straight away.

Toning Method

Now the next exercise to improve vision that I will share with you is called toning exercise. This exercise to improve vision is used to reduce the strain on your eyes, and it also is used to improve the muscle strength. If you work in front of a computer for hours, this toning exercise to improve vision is a good idea.

Now, this is an easy exercise to do. All you need is a comfortable place to lie down. And make sure that your head has the right support too, after you are lying down on your bed or couch; just pick a point that is just above your eye level. You can use an object or a point on the roof.

After you have found your first spot, now find a second spot just below your eye level, now all you have to do is just move your eyes in a vertical fashion. By using the two spots that you found earlier as a guide for your eyes, you have to move your eyes in a consistent manner. Just do these exercises for a minute or two, to rest your eyes.

Learn To Manage Stress For Better Vision

A clear mind is what is responsible for your smooth life. Throughout the day, it is your mind that provides solution to every problem. A strained mind has to struggle a lot to work properly throughout the day. The mind can get weighed down and then freeze up and turn out to be idle.

Troubles will continue to pile up if not solved on time. In the same way, to work properly, your eyes require frequent movement. Relaxed eyes can give you more vision and enjoyment in life whereas, strained eyes will do no good and vision will go bad with strain.

Eyes do not want to stay idle and want to keep moving and noticing every view around them. Their focus is concentrated on one thing. In such a situation, eyes might get strained watching one thing continuously and worsen the vision and concentration.

The fact is that our brain and eyes work very fast and much more than what we actually know about them. When enjoying nature, the vision goes from one tree to other flowers to enjoy the nature.

When your brain is unaware of what are your eyes looking for is the time they are idle. Say for example, rose flower comes in your vision, you can recognize it but, when you see some unknown flower which you don’t recognize; your eyes will focus on it until you get to remember the name of the flower.

Unless we want, eyes will keep on moving and noticing things. Even the eyes move in darkness when we are asleep. If eyes are strained for too long, it may affect the focus and gets damaged. Its movement must be even and smooth and not bouncing while watching anything.

Tracing of objects is one way to make eyes move smoothly. You do not have to vision in a jerky way and try to trace the objects from their edges. Have a look outside the window to get a view of the outer world like trees, cars and buildings, etc. After some time, you’ll notice things getting clearer and brighter in vision. Exercise your eyes to make their vision more clear.

How To Get Rid Of Glasses: The Natural Treatment

It is important to know how to get rid of glasses if you have the poor eyesight. Though using glasses may be useful, there are many disadvantages of wearing it. For those who are careless, they will find it annoying to keep losing their glasses.

Moreover, it will be quite irritating too when your glasses keep slipping off from your ears because it is too big and heavy. Some people also find the bad black mark in their noses due to the eyeglasses usage. That is why it is important to get rid of glasses.

How To Get Rid of Glasses: The Foods

Believe it or not, foods can be the main role in how to get rid of glasses naturally. You do not need the surgery that may take much money to improve your eyesight when you can get the cheaper treatment in how to get rid of glasses.

If you suffer from the not-so-serious eyesight problem, you can treat it right by consuming foods containing vitamin A, C, omega 3, and beta carotene. Eggs are the best choice since it has protein and lutein that can protect your eyes and prevent cataracts at the same time.

Another useful food is beef. The substances contained are vitamin C, B, and A, potassium, protein, iron, and zinc. Consume it daily in several ounces, and you can improve your sight.

Spinach is also the good food in how to get rid of glasses. This contains amino acid, protein, vitamin C, B1, B2, E, K, and beta carotene. You can prevent the retina disease if you consume it every day.

Carrots, as you may have known, are the best food in how to get rid of glasses without surgery. It contains vitamins D and calcium. Low fat milk and beets are the other foods you should consume.

How To Get Rid Of Glasses: Breaking The Habits

These are the bad habits you should break if you want to improve your eyesight in how to get rid of glasses. Reduce the time of watching TV. When you watch TV, make sure your eyes and the screen get the distance as much as possible.

The next thing is, do not overuse your computer. If it is a must in your work, it is important for you to rest your eyes routinely. Do not read in the dim light. Reading in the poor light will make your eyes work harder and can affect the eye sight.

Do not forget to also wear the sunglasses if you have to go outside and it is hot and sunny. The sunglasses are important to block the UV light that can damage your eyes.

Another important thing in how to get rid of glasses is, do not smoke. If you are a smoker, it is important for you to quit smoking now. The smoke of the cigar can affect your eyes. Stop smoking can prevent cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes syndrome, and increase your eyesight.

Last, do not overly consume alcohol since it can cause dry eyes syndrome leading to poor eyesight.

It is also important to exercise your eyes in how to improve eyesight and how to get rid of glasses. Eyes exercise is also known as natural vision correction. It includes several movements that can train the eyes’ muscle. Once you do natural vision correction regularly, it will lead to natural vision improvements.

The eyes’ exercise can strengthen the internal muscle that is meant to control the ability to focus in your eyes. Due to the stresses in the muscle that you have put, they have become weak. Using eyeglasses is one of the stresses you put to your internal muscle. That is, why you need to exercise them to make them stronger in how to get rid of glasses.

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