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Best Sunless Tanning Lotion Reviews

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Best Sunless Tanning Lotion

About Tanning Products – Best Self Tanning Product

Tanning for women has been a priority during the summer months for decades. It was not until the 1900s that sunless tanning products were introduced.

The first sunless tanning products available in the market were the sunless tanning lotions. The fashion quickly realized, and today, self-tanners are a regular part of the house that is used throughout the year.

With all of the negative consequences of the sun, the sun, in many areas for sunbathing is only an option in the summer. The sun affects the skin in many ways. Overexposure to the sun has a number of negative consequences, including the risk of cancer.

There are three types of cancers that are associated with overexposure to the sun: the melanoma, the most dangerous of skin cancers, and may lead to death, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma.

Other negative side effects of the sun are age spots and freckles. In addition, the skin that has been overexposed tends to become thick and leathery.

Sunless tanning was not created just to get a round of gold that are intended to prevent the harmful effects of the sun.

It’s no secret that a good tan can make you look healthier, make your arms and legs look thinner, and can give you that desirable glow. With so many products to choose from, many are left wondering what the best and most effective self-tanner is.

The three most common types of self-tanning products are lotion, foam, and spray. These three types of products all have varying degrees of ease of use, depth of colour, cost, and level of coverage.

1. Self Tanning Lotion

The most popular form of self tanner, self tanning lotion is the most readily available and is generally the cheapest type of self tanning product. Another advantage to self tanning lotion is that unlike foam or spray, self tanning lotions can come with sunscreen, allowing you to darken your skin while at the same time protecting it from the sun.

Opting to use a self tanning lotion that comes with an SPF makes this the safest option. Additionally, you can purchase self tanning lotions that include a moisturizer so it doubles up as your standard lotion in addition to tanning your skin.

The largest disadvantages to self tanning lotion is that it can be difficult to apply evenly, is prone to streaking, and can leave your palms, elbows, knees, and other rough areas stained if not applied and washed off properly.

2. Self Tanning Foam

The primary advantage to self tanning foam is that of the three main types of self tanners, it is the easiest to apply evenly, with little to no streaks. The foam makes it very easy to see where you have missed any spots and allows you to apply the product in those areas, allowing for even coverage.

3. Self Tanning Spray

Spray tans are the best choice for those who are unable to apply lotions or foams evenly. There are a number of self-use products on the market, though these products tend to be more expensive then lotions or foams.

Self tanning spray should be avoided if you are prone to dry skin as the regular shedding of dead skin cells will leave your skin colour looking blotchy and uneven.

Additionally, there is the option to have a spray tan done professionally. Though the most expensive option for sunless tans, it provides the most even coverage and the most natural look.

When you go into a salon, there are two options for sunless spray tans. One of which is a stand up unit in which you rotate as a fine mist of the base colour is applied to your skin; the other is with an airbrush which results in the most even coverage.

Stand up spray tan units come in wet or dry mist, and the most common complaint with the wet mist is that the product tends to run in droplets down your body after application.

There are many options of self tanning products on the market today. Depending on the type of skin you have, your budget, the coverage you are seeking, and how much effort you’re willing to put in, there is likely a product that will best fit your needs, ensuring that you maintain that sun kissed summer glow all year long.

The Dangers Of Excessive Tanning

Some things are so obvious that they do not ask at all. A skin tanned as a symbol of health is such an obvious thing. Recent studies have shown however that excessive tanning can lead to sunburn and even skin cancer in extreme cases. This makes it really important to put in doubt the habits we have assumed and critically analyzed to protect us from any harmful side effects of tanning.

Most of the tanning problem is unprotected. It’s a good idea to use a tanning bed lotion to accelerate the tanning process to minimize exposure to harmful UV rays. Even among people who use tanning lotions, many make the mistake of settling for the cheapest available. Please remember it is your skin that is under threat and hence go always for the best tanning bed lotion available.

There is a myth among people that indoor tanning or sunless tanning is safe. The confusion stems from a lack of understanding of how these systems work artificial tanning. The bulbs used in bed lights emit thesis similar to sunlight and this contains the required amount of UV rays.

Since the damage to the skin is caused by UV rays only, the system of indoor tanning or sunless is safer than tanning in the sun. The only advantage is that the intensity of these lights, unlike that of the sun, is constant. Hence it is easier to calculate duration for safe tanning.

Many times the damage to the skin is caused by frequent exposure to tanning. This may not cause cancer, but it can cause permanent damage to the skin and early aging. Please be careful not to expose sensitive areas such as the eye and chest of the body to tanning. It’s a good idea to go for the tanning clothes and sunglasses on.

Spray Tan Machines – Get The Look You Want

Something that has become increasingly common in the halls of beauty in the world is the spray tanning machine. As the mountains of evidence against UV and sun tanning as a safe way to get that tanned look, more people turn to spray tan machines.

There are several reasons why a spray tanning is the best way for you to tan quickly and easily:

Firstly, as alluded to in the introduction, spray tanning is much healthier than self-exposure to UV rays in a tanning booth or being in the sun all day. A spray tan, though chemical based, does not give you cancer skin or aging, the risk that excessive exposure to UV rays do.

Secondly, the great thing about spray tanning is that you can control your tan. This means that you can vary the product you use, and tan layers to get the colour you want. Too often people overdo the tan and cannot do anything about it. When a spray tanning is not permanent, it is a much better way to control your colour.

Thirdly, spray tanning is fast. With a spray tan you can step into the living room on a Friday afternoon to be tanned and be ready to go the afternoon. This control of your tan is just one of the reasons that make tanning method very popular.

You can see that the use spray tan machines are a great way to tan. You can control your tan, which is much healthier than other methods of tanning and is quick and easy. Not so! Why check their Hall of beauty today and test locally tanning spray. Unless you give it a try, you will never know how great it can be.

Sunless Tanning Lotion and Pregnancy

Sunless tanning lotion is a wonderful option for women who are pregnant but still want to get, or keep, a tanned glow. Although there is a lot of precaution surrounding the use of tanning beds, not much is being said about self tanners.

If you’re expecting and are concerned about the effects that the chemicals in your lotion may have on the baby, consider the following:

DHA is the main chemical agent in all self tanners and it is the active ingredient that browns your skin. This ingredient has been deemed 100% safe by the FDA in relation to coming into contact with your skin. However, DHA is not meant to be inhaled or to come into contact with mucus membranes such as your eyes, ears, and your nose.

In other words, although it’s perfectly safe for use on the outside of your body, you should do everything possible to make sure that the chemical does not get inside your body.

Although, there is not enough evidence to show any adverse effects of DHA on unborn babies, the fact that it is a lab-made ingredient should warn mothers-to-be to exercise caution. DHA is included in salon spray tanners, self tanning lotions, and drugstore spray tanners.

Regardless if you are tanning at home or at a professional salon, make sure that these products are used and applied in a well ventilated area and that you have coverings for your eyes and nose.

Also consider using sunless tanning lotion that has been deemed ‘green,’ or is made of only natural ingredients. Several effective green products are available on the market.

It is best to avoid tanning altogether during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Since the skin on your belly is being stretched as your baby grows and can become very sensitive, it’s probably best to avoid using tanning beds altogether.

If you’re in the later stages of pregnancy and have developed stretch marks, sunless tanning lotion could be your best friend. Use it to cover unevenness in your skin and keep you looking refreshed.

Although everyone talks about having a special “glow” when you’re carrying, a large belly could keep you in bed, and out of the sun, for days or even weeks.

A self tanner could be your secret to giving your skin a glow that screams BABY ON BOARD! Take caution and ask your hubby for some help smoothing it over all your curves.

It is true that spray tans have been ruled A-okay and super safe by the FDA. This means that the main chemical, DHA, inside these tanners will not cause any harmful side effects when it comes into contact with your skin.

Sunless Tanning Removal

Sunless tanning removal might be a difficult operation. Few drawbacks can occur on the long way of achieving a good-natural tan.

For various reasons, aesthetic or medical, sunless tanning removal might become necessary. Sometimes, the tanning process doesn’t go properly, resulting in an orange or uneven tan. Such unfortunate results can be reversed using simple methods, such as soaking with water.

How can water help? Only the outermost dead skin cells are coloured in brown. Getting wet, the same cells act like sponges, becoming larger. Thus, the tanning removal process is easier.

Sunless tan doesn’t last longer than a real sun tan, so consumers shouldn’t be too worried. Baking soda and a massage, rubbing in circles, can be helpful for removing the tan under the shower.

The place where the uneven tan is displayed determines how difficult its removal will be. Those who have already experienced it know that removing the tan from the palms of the hands or soles of the feet is more difficult than removing it from the neck zone.

Some manufacturers and tanning experts suggest using a purple or blue shade sunscreen, while keeping a moisturised skin. But these particular sunscreens do not include a full ultraviolet ray’s protection. Women are told to buy a bronze powder to hide or at least to attenuate the orange tint.

Useful Spray Tanning Tips!

Spray tanning is among a number of options to sunbathing. Spray tanning just as the other sunless tans, is non-natural and contrasting to any other method that makes use of the UV light.

You can have a trained specialist spray the tanning solution directly to your body or still go for a booth. There are high chances that there is a tanning spray salon in your neighbourhood due to their increased popularity.

Below Are 10 Useful Spray Tanning Tips:

1. Using naked Tan walnut body polish, exfoliate your body the day before, more so those little poor knees, heels and elbows. In this way, the tan is helped to spread just as it is helped to evenly develop.

2. Ensure that you fingers as well as toe nails have nail polish. The reason for doing this is to stop the staining of your nails.

3. Before applying your tan, ensure that you have done away with any waxing or shaving at least 12 hours prior to the application of your tan.

4. Spray tan that excellently absorbed by bare skin oils or petroleum based products are some of the things that need to be completely avoided on the skin as they are responsible for the creation of a barrier hence making the skin not to be able in the absorption of the tan. Rules that need to be observed during the spray tan.

5. The naked tan cream should be applied before beginning the spraying of the to the dry body areas. These dry body areas include: the elbows, feet hands as well as feet. The overall tan is bound to be bettered by this.

6. Naked tan has all the characteristics of a fast drying solution. 2 minutes is the time it takes to dry and there is no sticky as well as tackiness experienced.

A feeling of a sticky or wet tan is prevented by this naked tan. Something that happens after applying this tan is that you immediately dry up just as if you did not do any spray tan application. Rules that need to be observed after the Spray Tan: 7. During the 2 hour time frame, you can wash it and wear with the fantastic organic cleanser that is the naked tan. One thing that needs to be avoided is having long soaks in the bathtub.

The best thing in this case is quick showers. The skin cells should be loosened by soaking wet in the bathtub but just make sure that the tan rests on the skin’s top layer.

8. Another important thing is to avoid keeping products for lengthily periods (longer than 4 hours) also avoid sleeping in it; as the results of sleeping in it, it can bring about patchiness.

9. Avoid the application of facial tinting, petroleum based products or oil as these are the main culprits in the stripping as well as streaking of the tan.

10. To ensure that your tan is hydrated just as much as it is given longevity, you should be able to apply cream naked tan every day.

Sunless Tanning Tips

Here Are Some Secret Tanning Tips:

  • If you are going in for sunless tanning, regardless of whether you use creams, gels, beds, or anything else, do not shave your legs some hours before applying these tanners.
  • Make sure that you wear a cosy dark-coloured outfit like a black bathing suit while applying these tanners. Do not try sprays if you are trying self tanning products for the first time.
  • You should wash your hands at least every five minutes while you apply any cream or gel. You can also use gloves while applying these tanning creams to keep your palms from getting tanned.
  • You could also use a soapy nailbrush to scrub your fingers, palms, and fingernails. You should exfoliate first if you want to get the best results. Experts advise you that you should wash your skin using a wash cloth or sponge to get rid of dead skin cells.
  • The experts can guide you on the shade that will compliment your skin tone. For instance, if you have very pale skin; you can begin with a product that is labelled light. Gradually, you will be able to turn your skin tone to medium.
  • Similarly, products marked dark or deep work best for people who have naturally dark skin tones. These skin tones tan very easily.
  • Another thing to decide in advance is whether you want to go in for a spray or lotion. Creams last long. You would only know the effect of the cream after your first application. On the other hand, sprays can be applied evenly and can be reached easily at difficult places.
  • Many companies provide you face tanning, sunless and self tanning products that help you to protect your skin form tanning.
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