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Best Stretch Mark Cream Reviews

Top 3 Stretch Mark Creams We Recommend

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Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy
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Lucent Stretch Mark Cream
Lucent Stretch Mark Cream
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Very Good
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H-Stretch Marks Formula
H-Stretch Marks Formula
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Best Stretch Mark Cream

Guide To Remove The Stretch Marks

Unsightly, stretch marks affect most women. These marks of the skin can occur for various reasons and are very difficult to remove. In this article, we present a comprehensive guide to how to prevent and eliminate them. Do not miss it.

Stretch marks are fine scars on your body that start out as pink, reddish brown, brown, or very dark brown or purple streaks. Stretch marks are not harmful to your health – they will gradually begin to fade over the years becoming a pale white shade, lighter than the surrounding skin.

When young people are going through hormonal fluctuations during puberty the skin is pulled by the rapid growth or stretching. These periods of growth tend to damage the elastic fibres inside the skin, deep beneath the skin’s surface.

Girls will notice these marks on their hips, breasts, thighs and abdomen. And while they’re more common in girls, guys can get stretch marks, too.

Overstretching reduces the production of collagen in our skin, normally very elastic and resilient. A natural protein, collagen, acts like a glue and is the body’s major support structure. Without it we would literally fall apart.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and it produces collagen every day. This essential protein gives the skin 90% of its volume.

After the age of about 25-35, our bodies produce less collagen. It is reduced at a rate of about 1.5% a year. When this happens, you will begin to notice signs of aging and stretch marks will appear if skin is stretched too much.

To prevent stretch marks, we need to stop the disruption in the body’s production of collagen. If the elastic fibres that help our skin to stretch are kept more elastic, you are less likely to get stretch marks.

Body builders who have ‘pumped up’ too quickly can cause stretch marks from overstretched muscles. Men and women can cause stretch marks as a result of gaining or losing weight too quickly. Adolescent girls may notice stretch marks on thighs and breasts as a result of new growth and development.

Stretch marks are red or purple half that will gradually fade to achieve a white colour. Removing them is not easy, so it is always best to try to prevent them.

Little Known Facts About Stretch Marks

There are three layers to the human skin: epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. The dermis is the middle layer, supporting the epidermis above with a support network of proteins like elastin fibres and collagen.

Stretch marks develop when the dermal layer of the skin undergoes stress from rapid growth. Thin linear areas are created in the dermis due to a lack of support proteins. These thin areas are accompanied by broken capillaries that become reddish purple stretch marks.

Over time, the thin areas of dermis develop scar tissue accompanied by atrophy of the epidermis above to create the pale silvery and furrowed look of older stretch marks.

Hormones Are the Root Cause Of Stretch Marks

Hormones are the chemical messengers within our bodies. They tell certain cells what to do and how to behave. In the dermis, they affect the creation of elastin fibres and collagen.

Because hormones share a similar molecular shape with fat cells and steroids, researchers discovered hormone fluctuations in the skin due to excessive changes to the bodies’ fat stores or over use of certain steroids are the root causes of stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Are Very Common In Teens

Almost 40 per cent of teenage boys and 70 per cent of teenage girls will develop stretch marks during puberty. However, these stretch marks tend to be the least severe and the best healing marks due to the resilience of young skin.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks Are More Common Than You Think

Approximately, 90 percent of expecting mothers will develop stretch marks. Heredity seems to play an important factor in whether an expecting mother will get stretch marks or not. If your mother or a sister had the marks after pregnancy, you have an above average chance of developing them as well.

On the bright side, knowledge is opportunity. By knowing you are prone to stretch marks, you can start early and focus on methods to avoid pregnancy stretch marks.

If you’re going to get stretch marks, it’s much better to get mild ones than large angry ones. The single most effective method is controlling the speed of your weight gain.

Stretch Marks Are Difficult To Avoid

Because stretch marks are influenced by genetics and mainly caused by changes in the bodies hormones during pregnancy and puberty, they are difficult to avoid.

Treatment should be approached as a way to reduce stretch marks. Seeing a dermatologists or other stretch mark specialist is the best way to get targeted treatment advice for your particular case.

Stretch Marks Will Reduce And Fade On Their Own

There is a natural healing process to stretch marks. Overtime and without the use of fading creams or moisturizers, stretch marks will diminish from the red and dark purple of recent marks to the pale white and beige of older stretch marks.

Stretch mark creams like TriLastin® and Mederma® can speed up the process. Laser therapy for stretch marks can also speed up the fading, but also address the needed collagen formation as well.

Over-the-counter Creams Only Work Superficially

All natural and other over-the-counter creams are very popular because they’re generally inexpensive and readily available at the local grocery store or pharmacy. They can benefit stretch marks by softening the epidermis and keeping the skin healthy and smooth. However, they do not penetrate to the dermis to the root of the problem – the absence of adequate collagen.

Any effective treatment for stretch marks should involve collagen replacement and rejuvenation such as prescription creams and laser treatments. Topical cream products that promise to eliminate stretch marks should be considered with suspicion.

Laser Stretch Mark Treatments Are Not Covered By Insurance

Laser stretch mark treatments are considered cosmetic in nature, so are normally not covered by insurance companies. These treatments are completely out-of-pocket, unless you have a fantastic health plan at work.

Laser stretch mark treatment costs can be high for many people, so do your research and consult a dermatologist. There may be a less expensive alternative method for your individual case.

Men Get Stretch Marks Too

Like women, men are just as likely to get stretch marks from excessive rapid growth such as bulking up with muscle or fat. Men tend to get stretch marks in the upper belly, chest and arm areas. Any prevention or treatment method that can be used for women can be used for stretch marks on men as well.

How To Prevent Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur for different reasons. One is when the skin is stretched beyond its elastic limit; provoking tears in the inner layers of the skin which then give way to stretch marks are scars.

Another reason why stretch marks appear is by hormonal factors, so there is more prone to stretch marks in women than in men. These marks usually appear during the period of puberty and in pregnancy, due to the many hormonal changes women experience during these periods.

Increases The Elasticity Of Your Skin

One way of preventing stretch marks, is increasing the elasticity of the skin. For this, we recommend applying creams containing cocoa butter. Although any product specifically formulated to prevent stretch marks will also help you keep your skin healthy and elastic.

Creams rich in vitamins A, E and C supplements or vitamins are also suitable in the prevention of stretch marks, as they help to increase the strength of the collagen in the skin.

How To Remove Stretch Marks

There are different methods used to remove stretch marks. These range from home remedies to expensive medical treatments and cosmetic procedures.

Before you decide to submit to any treatment, such as laser, you should go to a specialist such as a dermatologist, who will indicate which procedure is best for your case, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Some Special Creams For Stretch Marks

  • Gel with vitamin E
  • Jojoba oil
  • Emu Oil
  • Cocoa butter
  • Castor Oil
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C

Best Stretch Mark Removal You Should Buy

What is the best stretch mark removal in the market? Currently, there is a lot of cream available on the market. Everyone is claiming to be the best which can eliminate or even cure your stretch marks.

Do you have ugly stretch marks that you would like to get rid of the soonest time possible? Have considered nearly all of the medications available to you? If so, you must have tried those stretch mark cream removers you see displayed in the shelves of health stores.

Stretch mark creams are over-the-counter medications that you can buy from any drugstore or even in some beauty shops. They all claim to be effective in removing stretch marks of all types, shapes, and form.

And a lot of people try it, because applying a cream on a stretch mark gives them the feel of removing their stretch marks without the costly consultation sessions, dermatologist’s fees, as well as the submission to several medical or non-medical procedures.

But do stretch mark removal creams really work? So you can be guided in selecting the most effective stretch mark cream in the market, try to find out if several of these key ingredients are included in the cream’s formulation.

1. Emu oil.

Emu oil is known to penetrate the skin’s outer layers in a quick and effective manner. Then it goes further and reaches the skin’s second layer, called the dermis.

It can also enhance the skin’s healing ability. Emu oil does not irritate. It deeply penetrates the skin and has an emulsifying effect, therefore making it a moisturizing agent as well.

2. Grape Seed Extract.

Grapes are one fruit that is high in anti-oxidation properties. It also aids in the absorption of Vitamin C in the body, which is paramount in strengthening the cell’s membranes and protects it from being damaged.

Grape seed extract is also rich in proanthocyanidins, a molecule that protects the body’s capillary walls and hinders the growth of enzymes, which breaks down the collagen and elastin present in the body.

3. Glycolic Acid.

This is a form of a hydroxyacetic acid that is found mostly in young plants as wells green fruits. This is the acid that reduces the build-up of dead skin cells.

Glycolic acid can be obtained from sugar cane. It has small molecules that can effectively penetrate the skin. It is also aids in exfoliating the body.

4. Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is the best anti-oxidant. It aids in delaying the cell’s aging process as a direct result of oxidation. Like any other anti-oxidant, it nourishes the cells and protects the skin from further damage.

5. Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera’s cooling effect makes it the best medicinal agent for sunburns and similar injuries. It can reduce inflammation and promote healing. It is also known to offset wrinkles and softens the skin naturally.

6. Collagen.

Collagen from outside sources counteracts the body’s natural collagen content. Collagen is a protein found within the tissues of the body. As one ages, his body’s collagen content becomes reduced in a dramatic manner. Thus, the skin loses moisture and cannot retain it naturally.

7. Liposomes.

These substances resemble a very small sphere found inside phospholipids, which in turn, is a form of a fatty substance. Liposomes serve as a catalyst to the cream’s major ingredients like oil and moisturizers.

These are some of the key ingredients of a good stretch mark cream. If you wanted to get the most effective one in the market, you have to make sure that most of these ingredients, if not all, are present.

If you are still in doubt over the best cream for your kind of stretch marks, you should find out more from forums on the Internet and question for feedbacks. You can find lots of fantastic information from people all over the world who have tried different kind stretch mark removal product themselves.

Another way is to go the nearest store and do your own research. Check the mark and find out the composition of the product. Then Google and get to know more about the ingredients used.

From personal experience, the best stretch mark removal product is the one which is safe to use and it is suitable for your kind of stretch marks.

Benefits Of Using Stretch Mark Creams

Stretch mark cream moisturizes the skin and prevents cracking and chaffing. The skin retains its natural oil since it exfoliates naturally.

By using stretch mark removal your skin will become smooth, soft and it regains its natural tone and colour. Your skin remains healthy and glowing after an effective usage of stretch mark creams.

In the process of using the stretch mark moisturizers, your wrinkles and other skin ageing indications end up being eliminated. Some stretch mark moisturizers have revitalizing vitamin E that helps tighten pores and also maintain good skin respiration.

The stretch mark moisturizers maintain the elasticity of the skin too.
If you have very ugly stretch marks, get rid of them conveniently and safely with superb stretch mark removal.

Unfortunately, the stretch mark moisturizers may have some cons accompanying them:

The most primary one is that the stretch mark moisturizers may fail to produce the desired effects on your skin. Stretch marks that are old and more textured in appearance may require drastic measures other than a typical stretch mark moisturizer.

Secondly, there is a small possibility that an individual can suffer an allergic reaction to the stretch mark cream although most of them contain 100% natural ingredients.

Lastly, stretch mark removals produce results that vary from person to person, it cannot work on you exactly the same way it worked on someone else.

Cream for Stretch Marks On Teens

It is understandable if you are searching for the best Cream for Stretch Marks. You are growing up and being self-conscious is part of being a teenager. Teens like you do not welcome skin pimples, skin blemishes and stretch marks.

The sight of these hormonal problems is dreadful. It is also understandable if you feel depressed over this matter. But of course, this should not let you down forever.

There are ways to remove teenage stretch marks effectively and safely. As a teenager, you must avoid using products that contain harsh ingredients because it will irritate your skin and worst it might aggravate your problem.

There are of course hundreds of treatments to choose from in the pharmacy or even in the leading supermarket. Varieties of creams, gels, other topical treatments, medicinal soaps and more are displayed on the shelves ready for grab.

Bear in mind that you must choose wisely and carefully. Do not be deceived by the commercials especially endorsed by famous Hollywood celebrities. It is a big no-no to go for the product because the commercial endorser is Miley Cyrus or other famous stars. You must learn to be a responsible buyer despite your age because it is your skin that is at stake.

Choose a product that fades stretch marks gently yet effectively. Your skin, like most teenagers, is sensitive and delicate so it easily gets irritated. And believe it or not, there is a product that is made by 100% natural components. The ingredients are proven to be effective.

Cream for Stretch Marks is made up of 3 major ingredients namely:

DL-Penthenol, Grapefruit seed extract and Aloe Vera extract. Having these ingredients would save you from worry because these are natural elements that were carefully processed with the use of highly advance technology. This ensures that the active properties of each component are preserved naturally.

Just so you know, DL-Penthenol commonly known as pro-vitamin B5, and Grapefruit seed extract are famous with its healing capabilities on damaged skin. Both elements stimulate cellular growth and regenerate the skin. However, Grapefruit seed extract also recondition the dented collagen and elastin found in the skin organ.

Aloe Vera extract has also healing properties. It targets the formation of scar tissues from forming in the dermis. Aloe Vera has been used by many countries over for several centuries already. It is also use as a moisturizer leaving your skin soft and supple.

These three powerful ingredients are present in a Cream for Stretch Marks.

Fight Pregnancy Stretch Marks With An Effective Stretch Marks Cream

Many women joyously celebrate the special time of life when they anticipate the birth of their child, and then loathe what pregnancy does to the body. Although stretch marks can’t be totally avoided, there are things that you can do to prevent getting a lot of them.

Applying a good pregnancy stretch marks cream, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining a regular exercise regimen throughout your pregnancy can help significantly to reduce the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks.

Many women go into their pregnancies with tough habits to break. For instance, starting the day with a cup or two of coffee is a big one. Although studies have shown that caffeine is ok in moderation for pregnancy, it can actually increase the chance that a woman will get pregnancy stretch marks.

By cutting out caffeinated beverages, and staying well hydrated will help. Eating a diet high in vitamins A and C, and high in low fat protein sources, such as eggs, nuts and fish are also ideal. Along with using a pregnancy stretch marks cream, developing many stretch marks can be avoided.

Selecting the a good stretch marks cream can be a mine field, but if you learn what ingredients to look for, choosing an effective and quality product doesn’t need to be that hard.

Women should choose a pregnancy stretch mark cream that contains moisturizers, such as cocoa butter as well as Vitamin E oil. In addition, collagen building ingredients soak into the dermis and keep the skin more pliable while allowing the collagen and elastin fibres to repair themselves more quickly.

As is almost always the case, keeping a regular exercise routine is important for good health. In pregnancy, the body is not only working overtime to nourish a growing baby, but also must maintain the needs of the woman’s body as well.

Maintaining good blood circulation also helps keep the skin healthier, since it is the largest organ in the body. After a workout and a shower, a pregnant woman should massage their pregnancy stretch mark cream into her abdomen or anywhere else she is worried about the appearance of stretch marks.

Many women are preventing stretch marks with Revitol’s powerful stretch marks cream.

Discovering Natural Herbs to Remove Stretch Marks

Man has always benefited from nature. Nature’s more important contributions are in the area of medicine. Although modern man has come a long way since the day of his cave dwelling ancestors, the use of herbs to heal ailments have never been forgotten. There is no surprise to this because these remedies actually work.

In addition, they are very affordable and accessible to the common man that is why their usefulness has never been erased by advanced technology.

A lot of people have stretch marks in their bodies. If you are one of them, there is no need to run to the nearest pharmacy to get a cure because it is possible to use natural herbs to erase stretch marks.

Finding Natural Ingredients

Many creams and oils that are used to remove stretch marks are made of natural ingredients. Some of the solutions have substances like squalene oil, aloe Vera extract, and grapefruit seed extract.

The squalene oil can be extracted from olives, palm oil, and vegetable fats. This does not have to come from shark cartilages.

Potency – Although it is an all natural substance, this oil is potent enough to effectively treat scars like stretch marks because it can heal and renew the skin. It also works as an antioxidant because it manages to protect the skin from harmful elements in the environment.

More Ingredients – Other essential ingredients found in natural creams are the grapefruit seed and aloe Vera extracts. Grapefruit seed is a natural antibiotic that will heal scarred skin.

This substance actually stimulates the healing of damaged collagen and elastin. These need to be healed because they can help make the skin tissues become strengthened and connected to prevent future tearing of the skin and also to avoid the development of stretch marks.

Prevention – It is actually easier to prevent stretch marks from appearing rather than curing the ones that are already there. The aloe Vera extract plays an important role in the healing of scars and the rejuvenation of the skin.

This substance can actually heal tears in the layers of the skin to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks. This extract can also moisturize and protect the skin.

If you use natural herbs to erase stretch marks, there is very little possibility that your skin will get irritated because these substances are very safe.

Herbal Options

There are many other herbs out there that can help in the healing of stretch marks. Another example would be olive oil and cocoa butter. Massaging cocoa butter into the affected area has been said to be effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Many mothers who have recently given birth and used this butter can attest to this. These solutions can also make your skin more elastic to prevent scars from returning. But if it’s possible, it would be best to prevent your skin from developing any of those unsightly marks.

Regular Exercise

A helpful tip is to exercise and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating the right food will keep you fit as well as protect you from becoming obese because obesity also contributes to the occurrence of stretch marks. Drinking a lot of water can also help make your skin healthier.

If you would prefer to get treatment for your stretch marks at home and also pay less for the procedure, then using natural herbs to remove stretch marks is one of the solutions that you can avail of.

Get rid of stretch marks on legs. See the product with natural herbs to erase stretch marks.

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