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Best Natural Makeup Reviews

Best Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup Secrets

When we look for a natural makeup what we are looking for or hear is “what is good makeup for you today!” or things like “how beautiful you are!” or “I see you do well”. That is, our goal is that other people see us pretty, but without associating it with makeup. So, you can learn how to do this today. We bring you the secrets of natural makeup.

Steps To Achieve A Natural Makeup

Achieving a natural makeup is one of the toughest challenges for women. It requires a precise application and error free. Using good quality products and essential brushes are the key to achieving this.

The key here is to get a look that is timeless, yet elegant. Follow these tips if you want a natural makeup look, especially for the morning or just for your daily routine.

1. Use Moisturizers For Face

For a natural makeup, your face should look and feel rested. A good moisturizer (or your specific cream routine) will provide the freshness you need, smoothing your skin and prepare it for makeup application.

2. Moisturizers With Colour Are An Alternative

If you prefer the coverage that light coloured moisturizers are for you. They will give you the softness of the cream with a touch of colour. Always remember that a good skin care is the ally of any natural makeup.

3. Apply A Good Foundation

You will need a foundation that resembles the colour of your skin. One of the most useful makeup tricks is to mix two different shades of foundation for seamless coverage. Do not forget this when buying your foundation.

4. Eye Primer

The first or PREBASIC eye makeup is completely optional. If you apply it correctly, will help you set better shadows and therefore your makeup will remain intact for a long time. Use a small amount along the eyelid up to your brow bone.

5. Use The Appropriate Corrective

In a natural makeup it should be subtle with the use of concealer. Use it only in the areas that really need it, like inner corners of the eyes, around the nose and always apply it with light “taps” to prevent premature wrinkles, especially in the skin surrounding the eye.

6. Pay Attention To Eye Shadow

This step is to identify your look as natural. You need three natural shades of matte eye shadows:

  • It must be similar to your skin tone, which should apply across the eyelid and a bit up to the bone of your eyebrows.
  • A half shade will help to define the shape of your eyes, apply it in the crease or arcade in a “V”.
  • Finally, use a highlight colour in the tear duct and under the eyebrows, this will make your eyes look more awake.

7. Do Not Forget The Mascara

Once you applied eye shadow, it is important that you use long lasting mascara. Use it on the tabs above, after rizarlas. If you want to further emphasize your lashes, apply it carefully on the bottom to prevent lumping.

8. The Trick Perfect For A Day Makeup

If you do not want to risk with liner, this simple trick will add life to your look. With black eyeliner, preferably in pencil, draw small dots on the inside of your top lashes, filling as much as possible. Believe it or not, you are emphasizing your eyes, so subtle, strong delineated bet.

9. Looking For A Natural Blush

The flush or blush is one of the key elements in a day makeup. If you do well, your face will look healthier than ever. The powder or compact version is best applied with a brush diagonally, from temple to cheek forming a “C”.

10. Make Up Your Lips Discreetly

Exfoliation and hydration of the lips is the first step for a natural makeup. Here are a variety of options, from lip balms, lip balms with color and nude (naked). Focus on finding one that is matte or semi matte that most closely matches your skin tone. Discard lipsticks with orange hues as your teeth may look yellow.

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