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Best Natural & Organic Makeup Products Reviews – 2018

All-in-One Natural Makeup Products – 2018

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Natural Makeup Secrets

When we look for a natural makeup what we are looking for or hear is “what is good makeup for you today!” or things like “how beautiful you are!” or “I see you do well”. That is, our goal is that other people see us pretty, but without associating it with makeup. So you can learn how to do this today. We bring you the secrets of natural makeup.

The Concealer, Apply It With A Brush

When applying the concealer fingers, it will not extend fully and others can tell the difference. Instead, with the help of a brush can reach all corners of your eyes, which give more uniformity. Then you can pat diffusing with the fingers, but not because it would be worse dragging. Remember also that the spell has to have a shade lighter than your skin.

Shortly Makeup

One reason is why most noticeable? Makeup is that the base is too abundant and different color from the skin. Use a sponge to aplicártela, always blurring outwards and ending at the jaw area, before reaching the neck. The color should be soft, if you know what’s best for you. Try them in the jaw area, one less display will be the most recommended.

The Technique Of Shadow

The eye shadows are the most difficult to achieve in a natural makeup. To achieve this, you must apply with the help of a brush, a neutral color (pink, cream, etc.) Cover the entire lid and then apply a darker shade in the area closest to the eye. If you want to soften the color, you can do so by applying some loose powder over the area you want to smooth.

Raya Powder Eye

You might also serve a pencil, but always fluid discarded if looking for a natural makeup. The line should begin in the middle of the lid and go to the outside to get the look pronounced. Mark the line just below to give a sense of fatigue, so do not forget to mark the top as well.

Dark Brown Mask

The black mascara gives a result that some women consider too sophisticated, so for a natural makeup will prefer to opt for a brown. A mistake that many people make up is only the tip of the lashes. If you want it right start at the bottom and go up slowly.

Blush To Give Good Face

If you know applying blush correctly you will not get too loaded and will give a much better first impression. To make it as natural as possible it recommends to start applying from the temples into the face, blurring as possible.

Lip Color

As we have said in the past the bright red lipstick may be too bold for some. With a soft pink or just lip gloss you will be much better without feeling too full.

Natural Makeup In 5 Minutes

Not every day we have plenty of time to get a natural makeup. Personally, I’m always late everywhere so I cannot be too long in the morning. That is why today I want to share with you all this makeup in 5 minutes, which will help you, be more beautiful without complicating too. Remember that even if you do not have to hurry without the base, blush, mascara and lipstick. These four items are essential.

Steps For A Natural Makeup In 5 Minutes

You’ll need to apply a concealer or a corrector to rid your face from feeling tired or fatigued. Always use a shade lighter than you will use in the base to prevent staining and spread it across the bottom of the eyes. Try not to place it in the wrinkles that usually found in the eye area, as this will cause them look more. Then apply the foundation to hide our imperfections and provide more vitality to our skin.

Firstly, there are some professionals who believe that to be a good natural makeup is based on the most troubled area. Personally, I like to apply it all over your face to make it more homogeneous. Do as you like, but always choose a shade that is as close to the color of your skin as possible. Better use it as blush powders, that will serve to set the concealer and foundation as well as giving an image of your skin velvety.

To be more naturally, recommend applying from the back area (where the legs) forward, to not notice you’re wearing. It is important that the color of the rouge combined with the later will use the eyes. With a brush, apply on your eyelids one eye shadow clear, pink or light brown, to give more joy and light to your eyes. If you are daring you can also use a light orange or beige tone, always taking care of it to make natural. You can also apply a coat of mascara on the lashes black to give more light. Avoid other colors if you want to call too much attention, and if you want to be more natural can still opt for transparent masks o to simply give volume.

Finally, shaping the lips with a pencil of the same color and reálzalos light colors or just clear gloss. This will give you a more tender and juicy lips but without highlighting for having an unnatural color. You’ll see that by following these steps every morning to get a natural makeup in 5 minutes, you will be more beautiful without knowing why and need not madrugues for more sophisticated makeup.

Natural Makeup For Young Girls

In many cases, especially in young women, natural makeup is often the best choice for every day. This is because he got to be more beautiful without being noticed too, giving better impression to those around us. In adolescents and young women, especially, this is more important because if makeup can be excessively overloaded and not look good.

First, you’ll need to choose the foundation, which will have to be of a light color similar to your skin. Also it recommended using moisturizer, because in this way you will have moisture and color at the same time and save yourself a step. The base is preferably in cream or liquid, since the powders make skin oilier go back and eventually deteriorates.

The Second step is that in all natural makeup will highlight a little look. As in the previous case use soft colors like brown or light pink. Dark colors attract more attention and are more suitable for a night out or for special occasions. You can combine two colors, which we have said and another clarito below the eyebrows to highlight the eyes.

The line of eyes prevents black and dark colors. The brown or gray that match the color of your eyes goes unnoticed and ensures more natural makeup. Using mascara also prevents the color black, brown or decantándote by the equally clear that will give volume.

The Third step is the lips. Natural makeups have to always look fresh, without reloading. A simple lip gloss will be more than enough, especially if you are fair-skinned. On the other hand, if you are dark skinned you can use a gloss with some color and even profile them lightly with brown lipstick, but always without enlarging them.

One tip that is often overlooked is the importance of makeup off every night before going to sleep. If you do not, your skin will stay dirty and go slowly becoming fat, which will encourage the emergence of those pesky pimples. To avoid this, use mild soap and avoid products that damage your skin.

Thus, get a natural makeup you can wear all day, even if it is the first time that you makeup. Your friends will be more beautiful and will not understand why!

If you want more tips on how to get a natural makeup you’ll find in the video below, which explains how to apply makeup and is recommended for young people aged 15-16 who are now starting to make up for the first time.

Steps To Achieve A Natural Makeup

Achieving a natural makeup is one of the toughest challenges for women. It requires a precise application and error free. Using good quality products and essential brushes are the key to achieving this. The key here is to get a look that is timeless, yet elegant. Follow these tips if you want a natural makeup look, especially for the morning or just for your daily routine.

1. Use Moisturizers For Face

For a natural makeup, your face should look and feel rested. A good moisturizer (or your specific cream routine) will provide the freshness you need, smoothing your skin and prepare it for makeup application.

2. Moisturizers With Color Are An Alternative

If you prefer the coverage that light colored moisturizers are for you. They will give you the softness of the cream with a touch of color. Always remember that a good skin care is the ally of any natural makeup.

3. Apply A Good Foundation

You will need a foundation that resembles the color of your skin. One of the most useful makeup tricks is to mix two different shades of foundation for seamless coverage. Do not forget this when buying your foundation.

4. Eye Primer

The first or PREBASIC eye makeup is completely optional. If you apply it correctly, will help you set better shadows and therefore your makeup will remain intact for a long time. Use a small amount along the eyelid up to your brow bone.

5. Use The Appropriate Corrective

In a natural makeup it should be subtle with the use of concealer. Use it only in the areas that really need it, like inner corners of the eyes, around the nose and always apply it with light “taps” to prevent premature wrinkles, especially in the skin surrounding the eye.

6. Pay Attention To Eye Shadow

This step is to identify your look as natural. You need three natural shades of matte eye shadows:

  • It must be similar to your skin tone, which should apply across the eyelid and a bit up to the bone of your eyebrows.
  • A half shade will help to define the shape of your eyes, apply it in the crease or arcade in a “V”.
  • Finally, use a highlight color in the tear duct and under the eyebrows, this will make your eyes look more awake.

7. Do Not Forget The Mascara

Once you applied eye shadow, it is important that you use long lasting mascara. Use it on the tabs above, after rizarlas. If you want to further emphasize your lashes, apply it carefully on the bottom to prevent lumping.

8. The Trick Perfect For A Day Makeup

If you do not want to risk with liner, this simple trick will add life to your look. With black eyeliner, preferably in pencil, draw small dots on the inside of your top lashes, filling as much as possible. Believe it or not, you are emphasizing your eyes, so subtle, strong delineated bet.

9. Looking For A Natural Blush

The flush or blush is one of the key elements in a day makeup. If you do well, your face will look healthier than ever. The powder or compact version is best applied with a brush diagonally, from temple to cheek forming a “C”. Recommendation: Smash box Blush Rush. U.S. $ 24. If you opt for a cream version, it invests in a mate.

10. Make Up Your Lips Discreetly

Exfoliation and hydration of the lips is the first step for a natural makeup. Here are a variety of options, from lip balms, lip balms with color and nude (naked). Focus on finding one that is matte or semi matte that most closely matches your skin tone. Discards lipsticks with orange hues as your teeth may look yellow.


Follow our step by step daily. To begin, apply a moisturizer to prepare your skin before makeup and then use a good eye area, do not break or alter the spelling you use.

Once you have your skin clean and ready, apply a foundation for the face in small quantities, using a brush or sponge to waive excess and blend the product well, because if they look like you’re wearing a mask and has to endeavor to always show a face as natural as possible. Then apply your area ojera one spell that mitigates the dark shadows and blemishes and get erase signs of fatigue.

If you want to display a tan color on your face, apply a small amount of bronzing powder, in addition to help you show a healthy, get you to set your makeup and get more hours remain intact. Then use a brush to give color to your cheeks with a soft blush tones or honey roasted, marking the malar bone (located at the top of the cheekbone).

Then there comes the turn to show a simple and sexy look. To begin, apply a base shadow in beige and ocher or extend it by eyelid and orbital bone, this will allow you to unify the tone of the eye and eye shadow set that you apply over after using an eye shadow in nude tones that provide bright light to your eyes. Then, use a darker brown (but not too badly) and mark the outside of the eye making a banana-shaped “V” extended help brand your eye with more intensity. Then use black eyeliner for eyeliner around the eye and mark with subtlety and your look. As a final touch, you cannot miss two coats of mascara, but if you want a more natural effect, apply a brown mascara instead of black classic.

To complete your sexiest makeup, use a lipstick in dark red or burgundy, this will display a luscious mouth and refined. If you are not accustomed to using red tones, you can also apply a brown lipstick that will make your mouth a feeling of naturalness, as if you had no makeup lips. To leave the mouth as perfect as possible, apply gloss on top to show flashes of sensuality and freshness, and do not forget to use the lip contour to mark your mouth and you will be best set!

A natural makeup will make your features show an attractive effect and nothing artificial. A simple and refined look that can be used both day and night and that will definitely show the beauty in you.

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