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Last Updated: December, 2019

Are you looking for best leather cleaning cloths? In order to come up with the top leather cleaning cloths, we have analyzed 371 products available in the market.

Top 3 Best Seller Leather Cleaning Cloths

Top 10 Leather Cleaning Cloths – Editor’s Choice

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 6 PACK by MagicFiber® MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 6 PACK by MagicFiber®
leather cleaning cloths by MagicFiber®
Our Reviews
  • A smaller one also comes in the package of three and it’s great for cleaning glasses and sunglasses.
  • Awesome Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Best Microfiber for cleaning glasses, TVs, etc (also good price).
  • Decent glasses/screens cleaning at a good price
  • Excellent cleaning cloths for screens and eyeglasses – so far so good
  • Great for cleaning reading glasses, distance glasses or sunglasses without scratching.
  • MagicFiber is an excellent way to get a better job for a lot less than the expensive MLM stuff, such as e-cloth, Norwex, etc.
  • The black ones are great too for anything that needs a soft microfiber cloth.
  • These are great as they leave no finger prints, lint, streaks, scratches, smudges, or marks and they seem to leave a nice shiny surface after cleaning an item.
  • Very nice quality. Here’s a microscope image of the weaving
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Zwipes 1015303 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths by Zwipes Zwipes 1015303 Microfiber Cleaning Cloths by Zwipes
leather cleaning cloths by Zwipes
Our Reviews
  • Great all around Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • Make terrific kitchen cloths!
  • Microfiber towels are an order of magnitude better than cotton towels, which are good at soaking up water.
  • Perfect size, perfect density, extremely effective for cleaning, and priced competitively.
  • Super absorbent, nice quality cleaning rags! No pilling after washing.
  • These are definitely higher quality than some of the generic versions that are available.
  • These are great for windows, dusting, art project, rubber stamping, white-boards.
  • Very very good at wiping snot from their noses when they are sick.
  • Works Very well and has held up months of washing and drying.
  • These are fantastic, and such an excellent deal.
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AmazonBasics Blue and Yellow Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by AmazonBasics AmazonBasics Blue and Yellow Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by AmazonBasics
leather cleaning cloths by AmazonBasics
Our Reviews
  • Amazon towels are bigger in dimensions and a little thicker.
  • Anyways this is a great product and highly recommended for dust cleaning.
  • Each cloth is a good size and the quantity is a nice.
  • Extremely soft and durable!
  • Good deal. Look up how to wash microfiber cloths.
  • Great cloths, half for cleaning the car, half for the home
  • Great size for spill clean-up, dusting, and wiping down screens, windows, etc. without lint/smears
  • These are very nice cloths, plus they come in a 24-pack which is nice.
  • They do come in 3 colors a nice blue, an okay yellow and a plain white.
  • Very good price for a set of 24 cleaning cloths – Nice colors to separate for different uses.
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Vibrawipe Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 8 Pieces (Blue Color Pack) by VibraWipe Vibrawipe Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 8 Pieces (Blue Color Pack) by VibraWipe
leather cleaning cloths by VibraWipe
Our Reviews
  • Absolutely no dust flew in the air and the furniture really looked great.
  • Having them color coded is great for different projects.
  • Superior cleaning cloths; absorbent; clean without streaks
  • The company recommends washing in cold water with only non linting synthetic fabrics and then to hang them dry.
  • These cloths are fabulous! They are a terrific size, small enough to be manageable, large enough to clean comfortably.
  • They are excellent at polishing stainless steel appliances with a very minimal amount of stainless steel cleaner.
  • Very good cleaning cloths
  • Wonderful Cleaning Cloths
  • Best Household Cleaning Cloths Yet!
  • Fantastic for cleaning messes and spills
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50 Pack - SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by Simple Houseware 50 Pack - SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by Simple Houseware
leather cleaning cloths by Simple Houseware
Our Reviews
  • General rag, grease rag, general cleaning and then the best prestigious towels get two piles waxing towels and buffing towels.
  • Good for cleaning around the house and saving money in the long run!
  • The are great for cleaning electronics, around the house and car, and make great washcloths, which are normally so expensive, it’s crazy.
  • The quality is good, they scrub well, they’re great for mirrors and windows, and will wipe up spills decently once dampened with water.
  • These microfiber cleaning cloths are the best thing since sliced bread.
  • Great Value Bundle of Microfiber Towels!
  • Outstanding cleaning cloths!
  • They are excellent quality and size for chores.
  • Best of all, reusable by tossing into the laundry when soiled.
  • Excellent Value and Price for This 20-Pack
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Buff Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by Buff Microfiber Cleaning Buff Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by Buff Microfiber Cleaning
leather cleaning cloths by Buff Microfiber Cleaning
Our Reviews
  • Amazing-cleans and shines with just water.
  • An excellent microfiber cloth
  • Durable for the ruff stuff. Soft for the precious stuff
  • Either are excellent and will get the job done without scratching things.
  • Excellent Microfiber Cloths
  • Quality product. Need for cleaning and detailing
  • Super soft, size is perfection, and super easy and fast to hand wash.
  • These are made of the same quality microfiber and they are great.
  • They are plush and seem to be made of quality materials.
  • Tried a few. This one was the best….and the follow up!
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Quickie Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Single, Grey by Quickie Quickie Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Single, Grey by Quickie
leather cleaning cloths by Quickie
Our Reviews
  • Above and beyond a regular microfiber towel.
  • Amazing Microfiber towels
  • Best Product for Stainless Steel
  • Great deal for microfiber towel
  • Highly recommend this product.
  • Microfiber cleaning clothes.
  • Plus these are great cleaners.
  • The workhorse of Microfiber clothes!! Five ⭐️
  • They are also great for dusting furniture and wiping smudges off eyeglasses.
  • Very pleased with this cloth
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ST 968601 Assorted 50 Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 50 Pack by Viking ST 968601 Assorted 50 Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 50 Pack by Viking
leather cleaning cloths by Viking
Our Reviews
  • As easy to grab as paper towels
  • Good for any house hold need
  • Great for cleaning practically anything; mirrors, sinks, dusting(dry or wet), car interior, floors.
  • Much cheaper than paper towels
  • Replaced disposable face wipes perfectly
  • Re-usability and strong!
  • The size is perfect and these pick up dust and dirt off the floor, even while dry.
  • These are more than acceptable quality for microfiber cloths that are used for general cleaning, wiping, etc.
  • They do a great job of absorbing the water.
  • Thin fabric works great for small jobs and spaces
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waka 10 Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by waka waka 10 Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by waka
leather cleaning cloths by waka
Our Reviews
  • Exactly What They Say They Are
  • Excellent Cleaners for Eyeglasses
  • Microfiber at it’s best will clean opticals to immaculate quickly.
  • Perfect for cleaning eyeglasses and actually constructed to stand the …
  • Recommend for plastic lens with coatings.
  • Size is not as important as it is with eyewear.
  • These are amazing quality for the price.
  • Very Nice, Thick Material, Individually Wrapped
  • Excellent glass cleaning microfiber cloths
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Polyte Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Ultrasonic Cut Edgeless, 14 x 14 in, 24 Pack by Mainland Textiles LLC Polyte Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Ultrasonic Cut Edgeless, 14 x 14 in, 24 Pack by Mainland Textiles LLC
leather cleaning cloths by Mainland Textiles LLC
Our Reviews
  • A high quality microfiber cleaning cloth with a delivered in a nice size.
  • BEST in all categories and definately TOP in cleaning.
  • Best part is that no lint is leftover.
  • Great for dusting around the house and car detailing.
  • High quality wiping cloths for just about any task…
  • Now at this price, we wipe the plates and throw the cloth away! Good product – great price.
  • The Polyte Microfiber Cleaning Cloth picks up the moisture effortlessly and the size is perfect.
  • They are absolutely just right! Colors are clear and cheerful, the size is great, and they have a wonderful feel.
  • What a great way to save trees.
  • Yet they’re nicely absorbent and plenty soft enough to avoid scratches.
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Some More Leather Cleaning Cloths – Less Preference

Here are some more leather cleaning cloths that might be helpful. Search and compare directly from Amazon.

Ultimate Cloth The, Mirafiber - Advanced Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Reusable by Mirafiber
Our Reviews
  • Amazing on stainless steel
  • Best cleaning Cloths around!
  • Great for mirrors and glass.
  • No Streaks and harsh chemicals!
  • Seems to maintain the wonderful quality of the cloth.
  • These cleaning cloths are the best. Works great on stainless steel
  • This product is right up there with the invention of fire and sliced bread.
  • Ultimate Cloth is a Miracle Cloth
  • Works perfectly and is good for the Earth, too!
  • The reusabilty is excellent.

16'' x 16'' Large & Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloths by Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
Our Reviews
  • Also very good for wiping down mirrors because no streaks or lint is left behind.
  • An exceptional product at a great price.
  • Effective cleaning all surfaces
  • Excellent microfiber towels and over the top packaging.
  • Good Absorbency, Perfect Size, and Softness
  • High absorbency soft towel
  • The microfiber clothes worked great! They easily absorb spills and clean up the mess.
  • These came in a nice zip lock bag with Hotor logo on it which helps in storing them.
  • This is great value for money.
  • Versatile and efficient!

CARTMAN Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in White Color 14 in x 14 in, 30pk (White) by Cartman
Our Reviews
  • Amazing value for the price!
  • Best quality at the best value. Piriot
  • Finally a towel that actually absorbs water! What a concept…
  • Good quality and great price for professional use
  • Great for cleaning the inside of the windshield.
  • These are awesome for cleaning! The seem to be holding up well so far and wash up nicely.
  • These are real micro fiber cleaning cloths they work perfect for detailing motorcycles
  • They look and feel great.
  • Wonderful product, these are essential!
  • Gentle cleaner for delicate items

Eco-Fused Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - 5 Pack - Double-Sided Cleaning Cloths by Eco-Fused
Our Reviews
  • Cell phone screen cleaning cloth.
  • Good Quality cleaning cloth
  • Great Electronics Cleaner
  • Highly recommend this product.
  • Nice & Thick, Excellent Cleaning!
  • Seems to work quite well, and the size is very convenient, not too big, not too small.
  • Soft yet thicker, more durable product than others
  • Stitching is perfect, and the double sided microfiber/satin make it a top quality product.
  • Very nice cleaning cloths
  • Work well and not too expensive

8PCS Cleaning Towels for House by 8PCS
Our Reviews
  • Comes in different sizes and colors.
  • Easy to grasp and use for cleaning good quality.
  • Excellent towels for a good price
  • Good decontamination ability
  • Good quality microfiber towels. Comes in different sizes and colors.
  • Great towels and very good price
  • Multi-purpose cloth for household use
  • Really nice an wonderful price.
  • The best microfiber cleaning cloths
  • The color selection is very nice, and the towels are easy to clean and dry- all for a very good, inexpensive price.

Car Natural Chamois Cleaning Cloth, RIVERLAKE Genuine Deerskin Leather by River Lake
Our Reviews
  • A great material for any cleaning pourpose
  • A nice piece of chamois leather the same size as described in the listing.
  • Absolutely the BEST to clean eyeglasses, TV, tablets and phone screens
  • Great for working with charcoal drawings.
  • Remarkably soft and larger than advertised.
  • These are very good quality natural material chamois cloths.
  • They work great for that! They are very soft.
  • Works great as an eraser for vine charcoal.
  • Works well drying our cars
  • Water absorption is excellent.

KinHwa Car Chamois Drying Towel Natural Chamois Cloth for Car Leather by KinHwa
Our Reviews
  • Big enough to cut into 2pices and use for auto and bathroom tiles.
  • Dry windshields and softer than a baby’s bottom
  • Excellent chamois, no lint left behind.
  • Fast shipping and very pleased with the quality of these chamois towels.
  • Fine Chamois, Outstanding Value
  • Good quality and fair price
  • Great product, excellent size and price.
  • Larger size than the one at Wallyworld and was cheaper.
  • Natural chamois does the job!
  • Nice chamois for the price.

SINLAND Car Chamois Drying Towel Nature Leather Shammy by Sinland
Our Reviews
  • Dries fast, clean and soft
  • Good chamois works great and has held up so far.
  • Good product at a good price
  • Great gift because of quality, mine stays soft when dry too.
  • Great size, great price! Works perfectly! It’s the real thing, non of that man made garbage.
  • Great to cut up for camera lenses and glasses.
  • That being said- great value for the price.
  • This is the real deal for drying!
  • Wipes & Dries Really Well!
  • Great product, reasonable price and fast shipping.

SecurOMax Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 15 x 15 Inches, 8 Pack by SecurOMax
Our Reviews
  • Excellent value for the money.
  • Good quality microfiber towels for many uses.
  • Great price! These microfiber cleaning clothes are great.
  • Greatest microfiber cloths around
  • Nice microfiber towels in a 24 pack for a good price.
  • Really great size for household cleaning.
  • SecurOMax Thick Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 15 x 15
  • They are great for shining appliances (stainless and porcelain.
  • What a surprise with these towels!
  • Works great, Item just as described.

3 Pack - SimpleHouseware Thick Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 16 x 24 Inches by Simple Houseware
Our Reviews
  • Absorbent, soft, good price, easily cleaned.
  • Cheap and effective microfiber cloths
  • Cleans delicate items well.
  • Generous amount of good quality towels at a cheap price.
  • Good thickness and quality.
  • Large and very absorbent, Very good product.
  • No more towel participle
  • Super Soft & Nice Bright Color
  • These are great for picking up dust.
  • They are very absorbent so work great as a dish towel, and dry quickly too.

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