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The Most Effective, Natural Treatment For Hives

There are many all natural ways which are most effective in the treatment of hives. The very best way to treat hives is to get to the root cause, which will eliminate any further episodes and break outs.

Hives or Urticaria is a condition caused by allergens and hives causes patches or rings all over the body, and is caused by histamine which causes the red raised patches on the surface of the skin. These patches appear in groups and are normally reddish in colour.

The sizes of the patches differ and will depend on the severity of the condition. The onset of hives is caused by an allergic reaction to food, preservatives or medications or other. These may be particular reactions to insect bites, fish, eggs, jelly fish, nuts, aspirin, penicillin, extreme heat, clothing items and in some instances is thought to be hereditary.

The root cause of hives may change but the symptoms are not. One can experience a burning stinging effect as well as itchiness and on occasion’s pain.

In most instances the treatment of hives is not needed, and is the person knows what is causing the allergy they can avoid coming into contact or eating what is causing the allergy. However, even after one has eliminated the cause and you still get re-occurrences of hives, then you will need to treat the condition with either natural remedies or conventional medications.

Hives can be life threatening when the condition starts cutting off your airways. If you find it difficult to breathe then you should go to a medical emergency immediately.

Doctors will prescribe antihistamines, steroids and even antidepressants in the hope of curing hives in their patients; however, the results are usually short lived and barely symptomatic. The 1st cure for hives most consultants suggest of prescribe is antihistamine.

Antihistamine works to combat the body’s reaction to allergens by reducing or blocking the release of histamine. When the body senses an issue it releases histamine to the spot, causing the rash as well as the burning and itching.

The antihistamine will sometimes relieve the reaction & is good to use for acute hive sufferers; however, antihistamines are not really a cure for hives but more of a control method.

There are occasions when steroids are required to tackle the problem if it’s persistent or severe and in rare life-endangering cases a dose of epinephrine can also be required.

Many chronic hive sufferers who do not like to take drugs or could be allergic to them have found other natural cures for hives.

Natural treatments and home remedies are commonly used such as calamine lotion, baking powder, oatmeal, vitamin E and Vitamin C. in addition people also favour aloe Vera gel which produces a calming, soothing effect when applied to the affected areas.

Cold compresses or ice applied right to the hive can relieve the burning sensation and reduce the inflammation.

A chilled shower or cool bath may also help reduce hive symptoms. When it comes to an alternative cure for hives there are a complete host of substances and creams that have been shown to help too.

Anything that’s alkaline can take the itch away and that’s why some doctors will tell you that Milk of Magnesia is the most affective thing to rub on a hive to obtain some relief. Others swear by hydrocortisone creams which are generally available over the counter.

Other radical hive cures include massage treatment and acupressure. It is widely thought that stress and depression can trigger chronic hives and definitely make hives worse, so anything that may be done to de-stress will help.

Try massaging the trapezius muscle between the shoulder and neck because some doctors swear it’ll help relieve stress and may offer some relief from hives.

Many people make use of herbal teas such as catnip, peppermint, chamomile and green tea which are effective for stress.

Home treatment for hives includes coconut oil and camphor oil mixed relieves the itch. Ginger can also be used as well as turmeric. Linseed oil and camphor mixed also relieves the symptoms. There are many different natural remedies that people has tried and tested. These remedies will work for some and not others.

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