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Best Hangover Cure Reviews

Top 3 Hangover Cures We Recommend

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Best Hangover Cure

Hangover Cures – Best Home Remedies For Hangover

Many of us have at some point in our lives experienced that infamous “day after the night before” when your hangover compels you to promise the world to anyone that will provide some relief from the pain.

Along with this experience, of course, is the fervent promise to never ever drink alcohol again – that is, of course, until the next big office party, anniversary, birthday, wedding or classmates reunion.

After a long night of having fun, a person might start looking for the perfect hangover remedy that fits their symptoms. There are many medicines that can help anyone in need feel better twice as fast than any natural remedy such as drinking water or eating as much as possible.

There are many hangover home remedies that many believe will work to cure the ill effects from drinking. Sometimes people do not correctly prepare for the event of partying and drinking alcoholic beverages, which can lead them to feeling like they are dying the following morning.

The headache, nausea, fatigue, and dizziness are all signs that a hangover is present. It is important that you incorporate these natural remedies as soon as possible to relieve your suffering.

1. Lemons:

Lemons have been found to be one of the most effective hangover home remedies. Lemon tea can be steeped with no sugar to help detox your stomach and digestive tract of any remaining alcohol.

If you have fresh lemons available, squeezing a few into a glass of water with a tiny amount of sugar can also help. This will help to restore your blood sugar levels that may be out of whack due to alcohol consumptions as well as any vomiting you do the next morning.

2. Apples And Bananas:

Some other fruits that work well in relieving a hangover are apples and bananas. As soon as you are able to keep foods down, an apple should be the first thing you eat.

You can choose to follow that with one mashed banana combined with a cup of milk and a teaspoon of honey. This can help to alleviate the uncomfortable nausea you are experiencing. The added honey will also help to stabilize the glucose in the body.

3. Water:

Sipping water throughout the day following your drinking binge can help to rehydrate the body. A lot of the symptoms of a hangover are promoted when your body is feeling dehydrating.

The water, or Gatorade if you can stand a little flavour, should be drunk slowly, as you do not want to fill up too quickly with liquid. Having too much in your stomach at once can increase the nausea and having you running to the bathroom in no time. Staying hydrated will help promote urine production, which will eliminate the toxins left behind by the previous night’s alcohol.

4. Rest:

Get plenty of rest the day after your party. It is best to drink on a night that you have nothing to do the next day. Sleeping in will help your body recuperate faster.

Staying in a reclining position helps to fight the nausea as well as the need to vomit. Relaxing in a dark room will help prevent the awful symptoms related to light and noise sensitivity, as well as help to reduce your headache.

5. Fruits And Juices:

Nothing helps more than eating fruits and drinking as much water fruit juice as possible. This helps the stomach of a person settle down faster than any other cure. At the same time, the person can see what their other symptoms.

These well known remedies can all be found in stores and also in most pharmacies. Any person can ask their doctor about these remedies and what other help they might need to help them feel better.

As you can see, there is a great deal of things you can do at home to cure your hangover. Eating the proper foods that work well with your body can reduce many of the symptoms. Resting and allowing yourself to recover properly will also be beneficial. Consider these hangover home remedies the next time you wake up and feel completely awful from a night of partying.

6. Vitamins B & C

Alcohol also depletes the body’s vitamin and mineral supply, which is why hangovers make you feel weak and in pain. So next on the list of hangover natural cures should be a steady supply of vitamin B and C as well as minerals such as potassium and salts. Vitamin B and C which can be found in milk, grain wheat and oranges will stimulate faster digestion of the alcohol and increase overall energy levels in the body.

The vitamin C also aids in the absorption of potassium which is found in certain fruits such as bananas. Cabbage juice and tomato juice are also a rich source of these key vitamins.

What’s more, they help reduce the throbbing of the headache pains while restoring the body’s hydration levels. Minerals and salts can be found in tinned fish and pickles, salted crackers, pretzels and salty Chinese food.

7. Toast:

Burnt toast or bread and salt have a sponge like effect on the alcohol in your body – that is, they neutralize the acidity of the stomach after you take the alcohol.

8. Honey:

Another acidity neutralizer is honey, which should be taken hourly in doses of two to three teaspoons depending on the severity of the hangover.

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