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Best Eyelash Growth Serum Reviews

Top 3 Eyelash Growth Serum We Recommend

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Best Eyelash Growth Serum

Natural Eyelash Growth

Our eyelashes, thin strips of hair growing from the edge of the eyelids, serve to protect the eyes from dirt and debris. But apart from that, it also emphasizes the eyes and is a symbol of beauty and femininity for various cultures.

Women in particular, love to accentuate their eyelashes using eyelash curlers, mascara and false eyelashes. Today, there are already some products clinically proven to stimulate eyelash growth, make eyelash thicker, fuller, and longer.

Like any other body hair, flange holes grow from hair follicles in the dermis where cells divide rapidly and make the hair shaft length increase. This involves three phases namely the anagen, catagen, and telogen phase.

The anagen phase is also known as the growing phase, wherein the cells in the rapidly dividing hair root cause shaft being pushed upwards. Our eyelashes are in this phase of active hair growth for about 1-2 months.

Thereafter, during the catagen phase, hair begins to shrink which marks the end of hair growth. Finally, the growing hair stopped and hair separated club is formed. This is the telogen or resting phase.

The eyebrows, eyelashes, and most body hair or vellus stay in this stage for longer durations compared to scalp hair, which is why they typically do not fall as much as the scalp hair does.

But unlike the scalp hair, the tab grows very slowly, taking up to several months before getting their full length. The slow growth of the eyelashes can be compounded later by a lifestyle which is unhealthy as drinking alcohol and smoking.

Other factors such as genetics, hormones, nutrition, and hygiene can also affect the growth of eyelashes. As a result, our eyelashes grow at varied prices for everyone.

In some cases, the whips can drop to as a result of infection, such as leprosy, autoimmune disorders, medicines, congenital deformities and the presence of a mite called Demodex folliculorum face. Other causes of loss of eyelashes are burns, cuts casual, or just a natural hair fall.


The full and long eyelashes are important to support the fashion and femininity for women today. And because the tabs highlight the overall look of a person, several products of beauty are available almost at any store of beauty around the globe.

The mascaras are the most commonly used means of enhancing the eyes as well as the most inexpensive and more widely available. The eye mascaras will create an illusion of a tab viewer thicker, darker, longer, and more animated.

Some stylists would mix up other colours to create a more vibrant shade. Furthermore, eye pencils can also be used to define the contours of the eye. In modern times, the makeup of a woman would not be complete without it.

Applying false eyelashes is very common which also gave birth to another technique called eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions work just like hair extensions – they simply add to the length of a person’s hair.

But unlike false lashes, the extensions are made from synthetic materials that are applied by individual strand of hair to produce a more natural look even fuller. The downside of this is that the glue used to attach the extensions will be finally removed and the extensions will fall.

Currently, the method finally more popular to stimulate the growth of lashes from someone that is recommended by experts of beauty in the United States is the Idol Lash, an application similar to a liquid eyeliner.

The plus side of Idol Lash is that it uses ingredients clinically proven safe and effective, such as chamomile extract, hydrolyzed keratin, linoleic acid, butylene glycol and without any side effects.

Do Eyelashes Grow?

Believe it or not, the lashes grow and fall, unfortunately more often and thus have long eyelashes and abundant is extremely difficult. Today there are many natural solutions to lengthen eyelashes, homemade recipes are simple and are as effective as commercial products. Experts of natural cosmetics recommended several procedures to make grow eyelashes quickly.

Before you start with the natural treatment to grow eyelashes, you want to know how long you will see results.

If your eyelashes fall abundantly, you must first find the cause. If it’s an oversight to remove your makeup (or not take it off and sleep with it) or if you have any condition for which you are losing hair, you must attend first to improve the care that you bring to your lashes or treat your condition, before you expect quick results.

Otherwise, if you have no health problem whose symptom is hair loss and make a skin care routine careful, you can expect to see results from 30 to 60 days.

Basic Care Of Eyelashes

Before beginning treatment for longer eyelashes, starts with a routine cleaning of the skin and keep it for a long time (or even better, forever).

Choose cosmetics carefully, as they can be the cause of your loss of eyelashes. Always choose the natural makeup and cosmetics you are looking for to develop yourself with organic products.

Desmaquíllate carefully, try to remove the last traces of makeup eyelashes. Do with a natural cream and a tissue cleanser, wiping always from top to bottom, very carefully. Finish the routine washing of the skin with a mild soap.

Natural Recipes To Grow Eyelashes

Castor Oil:

After washing, the eyelashes are expected to dry naturally and apply with a cotton ball soaked castor oil. Do it from the birth of the tab down, taking care that the oil does not enter your eyes and let it act overnight. Do this treatment every night before going to sleep.

Castor Oil And Lemon:

Boarded more time to prepare the recipe of castor oil and lemon, but worth it, because the lemon enhances the cleaning effect of the oil, and it also has properties that stimulate growth.

To make the oil, cut a slice of lemon and dry a bit and dip it in the castor oil for a week. To apply follow the same procedure as the above recipe.

Vitamins For Eyelash Growth

Eyelashes go after a brief lively progress stage enduring approximately 30 to 45 days, as stated by the American Hair Loss Association. This is the reason why eyelash hair is shorter compared to the hair on your scalp.

The extent of these hair-growth stages establishes how rapid and lengthy are your eyelashes progress. While you cannot alter your biologically set hair-growth stage, there are several vitamins that encourage eyelash progress.

Vitamin #1: Vitamin H

Vitamin H, also described as Biotin, is a B-complex vitamin famous for its capability to develop hair, counting eyelashes. Vitamin H helps also with your body in changing food into energy.

Vitamin H has by no means been systematically examined to progress or thicken hair and the major element of hair is keratin, a cellular protein. Yet it is believed that vitamin H will aid within the body’s process of developing hair.

This water-soluble vitamin is establish in lots of cosmetic products for sustaining healthy hair and can be established as well in lots of foods you consume like: egg yolk, brewer’s yeast, bananas and cauliflower.

Vitamin #2: Calcium

Calcium is important for aiding the progress of eyelash hair. A hormone created by the thyroid gland described as calcitonin gene-related peptide, or CGRP, aids in encouraging hair progress, as stated in the Natural Solutions magazine.

Calcium assists your thyroid in performing excellently so that your body can create adequate quantities of CGRP to help progress hair rapidly. It is suggested that you ingest 800 to 1500 mg of calcium every day. Ingesting 400 IU of vitamin D aids your body better soaked up calcium into your system.

Vitamin #3: B-Complex Vitamins

B-vitamins are essential for eyelash progress as well as sustaining healthy hair. These beauty vitamins aid in supporting hair development and in getting rid of easily broken and dry hair, which is an indication of B-vitamin insufficiency, as stated by the Nutritional Supplement Educational Centre.

Beta-carotene, a B-complex vitamin, assists the hair to become glossy and durable. Foods like milk, whole grains, eggs and fresh fruits include B-complex vitamins.

Vitamin #4: Omega-3 Fatty Acids

While not exactly a vitamin, omega-3 fatty acids are frequently established in supplements to progress eyelashes and hair. The University of Maryland Medical Centre states that healthy hair is sustained by fat, more particularly, omega-3 fatty acids.

The good fat aids your body in soaking up vitamins A, D, E, and K. The Consumption of foods like oily fish, which are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, will aid in supporting longer eyelash growth.

Vitamin #5: Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3, also identified as niacin, accelerates eyelash progress, removes dry and easily broken eyelashes, and makes better blood surge to your hair follicles. It also helps in cellular reproduction, and avoids eyelashes from falling out.

Aside from that, Vitamin B3 also aids your body to metabolize keratin, a protein that sustains hair development. Foods affluent in vitamin B3 are beef liver, salmon, tilapia, tuna, sunflower seeds, peanuts, mushrooms and asparagus.

These vitamins can be found in a lot of food sources so supplementation through pill or tablets is not really necessary. However, if you want to take oral vitamin supplement, you may ask your doctor about it for proper guidance.

Natural Remedy For Eyelash Growth

The fragility of the lashes sometimes seems not as many as we want, and in many cases a lack of nutrients can cause them to get lost. It is important to note that not desmaquillarlas makes them prone to damage and improper use the eyelash curler can damage until the fall.

If you have a few tabs, it would be best to apply a natural remedy for eyelash growth. Apply every night a few drops of castor oil which greatly help lashes grow and become stronger. You must do it daily. For easy clean, use an old mascara applicator with soap and water and let it dry until smooth and clean, and comfortably use it to apply the oil on the eyelashes.

Care Tips Of Eyelashes

If there is something that haunts a woman is thought to have lost eyelashes, as if to leave a window without glass, are useful in protecting our eyes and in the showcasing of them. But they are fragile, and although regenerate constantly, you have to keep in mind some tips to care the eyelashes and to ensure their health and beauty.

Sometimes, we often feel hoarse or feverish eyes which annoy us, rub carelessly only help us feel more uncomfortable with the aggravating circumstance the fact that we will lose some eyelashes.

It is important not to rub them with violence, if ever you get stinging eyes, or eyelash area uses the tip of a comb small and carefully suavely scratch the area.

When you wash your face tend to dry your eyes rapidly, moisture irritates them, but when you do not care you can damage your lashes. Without rubbing, gently dry with a soft towel texture.

The mask and embellishes then can help. Applied after curling, choose a mask with vitamin for maintaining healthy eyelashes grow and the eyelash curler does not operate well.

Household Tips To Grow Eyelashes

Having long eyelashes makes us look much more attractive and achieve a deep and penetrating look. It is true that thousands of expensive cosmetics may offer lengthen lashes, but will always be much better if you do it naturally, which is why to this day, we’ll give you some homemade tips to grow eyelashes.

1. Improve Your Diet

The eyelash growth as well as the nails and hair, are highly dependent on the type of diet that we take. To strengthen the lashes it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet, rich in foods that provide the nutrients needed to keep them healthy.

Hair and nails are mostly composed of keratin, a protein produced naturally by the body. Therefore, to keep our eyelashes healthy and our hair, nails and even tooth enamel, it is necessary to maintain a diet rich in protein, such as chicken meat, fish or lean red meat, low fat dairy, eggs, vegetables and rice, among others.

In turn, we suggest the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, such as broccoli, citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts, guava, papaya, grapefruit, pineapple and strawberries, as they favour the absorption of iron from vegetables.

2. Perform Daily Cleaning

If you use makeup, like mascara, eyeliner or shadow, it is very important that you do daily cleaning of your eyes before going to sleep.

There are market specific eye makeup removers, but if you have or don’t have very costly one, do not stay with makeup, first rinse your eyes with warm water and dry with a tissue. Then apply baby shampoo and leave on for 20 or 30 seconds. Finally, remove the shampoo with warm water and dry them again.

3. Apply Natural Products

There are a lot of natural products that can be applied to stimulate the growth of your lashes and prevent damage, especially if you do makeup often.

You can apply for example, vitamin E oil. In the market, there are some brands that sell natural products. After you have removed all traces of makeup, you only need a few drops applied daily on your lashes and gently massage them, making sure that no oil will enter the eyes, and leave it overnight.

Other natural products, and much cheaper, you can apply in the same way as the mineral oil or natural oils like olive oil, castor oil and almond oil sweet. These will keep your lashes healthy and stimulate growth.

Tips To Properly Use The Eyelash Curler

Use of the eyelash curler is a routine of our lives. No woman who has not or is using it now, because it really can be a great ally if you know how to use well, otherwise, we will give more beauty problems and will damage the delicate eyelashes. You need to properly use Tips of eyelash curler I bring today.

We think that there is any science to use it, but after reading the above, I will agree, even for a small part and even every day you have to make some considerations.

Purchase one of good quality, in the case of our care, and as always we were told “what you pay”. What is the best? Which is simply well armed and metal? The most renowned cosmetic brands have good designs to his credit. But it serves, should have some plastic sponge are other material as sponge, damaged lashes and last almost nothing.

The eyelash curling is the last step of makeup otherwise it can affect your makeup and can go missing. Look closely. They are completely cleaned and removed with a clean makeup brush shadow particles that have fallen on the tabs. Then bend them with your curling iron.

Curling is easy but you have to do it gently; gently hold the curling iron and go putting the tabs into the base, slightly raising the face, a few seconds in one eye and then the other.

Are you ready? Do you like the result? When you see your eye lashes are curled enough to proceed to give the touch of mascara. If so, you should apply the first coat, let dry thoroughly and apply if you are more than those opting for the heavily made-up eyelashes.

Hold the curler in a locked case, but many of them come without packaging, can be subjected to contamination if you leave it in contact with anything else. You have to renew it at 6 months, believe it or not although it seems new is losing its functionality, because the area where the tabs are crimped loses shape.

Grow Long And Stronger Eyelashes

It is not unfair to have thinner and shorter eyelashes than the others. It is just a gift for you from above, a gift of responsibility to take care and grow longer eyelashes.

It is also a gift of patience to wait and maintain the daily routines and rituals until the miracle happens. It is also a gift of having a sense of being natural as you get rid of the chemicals that could invade your eyelashes. In order to unleash the natural, longer eyelashes, here are some tips.

Step 1: The first step to grow longer eyelashes is to try to put some olive oil or castor oil on your lashes before going to bed. In applying the oil, you should use a mascara brush. When you apply it, you treat the oil as if you are just applying real mascara.

Do not let the oil get in to your eyes. If you had it in your eyes accidentally, rinse it with water right away. Then, in the morning, remove the oil with a mild soap or a makeup remover for the eyes.

Step 2: The second one that could be is when you try putting some kind of a petroleum jelly on your lashes, too. If you have any mascara or eyeliner on your eyes, do not apply it directly.

Rinse your mascara or eyeliner first. Just like the way you put the castor oil or olive oil, you use a mascara brush to put it on your eyelashes.

If the mascara brush is not available, then you may use your pointer finger and thumb, too. Then, let the petroleum jelly stay on your lashes overnight. Still, using a mild soap and water, rinse the petroleum jelly in the morning, right after you wake up.

Step 3: The third one is when you use a combination of glycerine and a castor oil. This mixture will make your eyelashes strong and long. In using the glycerine, just use two drops. The measurement of two drops will be based on the drops produced by an eye dropper. Mix the two drops with a half teaspoon of the castor oil.

If you need some more, then you can just measure and mix a couple of times. Though it will require a lot of effort, doing so will protect your eyes from unwanted irritation, and thus, you will grow longer eyelashes without hurting yourself.

Step 4: The fourth one is when you really take your vitamins. Vitamins are essential in order to get rid of the deprivation of beauty, deficiency in health, and poor fitness.

And yes, as we talk about beauty, these vitamins and minerals play important roles for you to grow longer eyelashes. According to the studies of experts, people who take vitamins B, A and E have healthy, long and strong eyelashes than any other individuals.

Step 5: The fifth one is when you take six glasses of water every day. Water will take away all the toxins that are unnecessary for your body and hair growth. If it is possible for you to make it eight glasses, you are more recommended to do so.

Unleash the lashes! Grow longer eyelashes and have fun. Your eyelashes could be one of the best things to wear every day.

Growing Long Eyelashes With Extensions

Eyelashes makes a person have the extra factor that is well appreciated. Thick and long eyelashes makes the eyes look attractive and gives the other features a soft touch. With luscious eyelashes a person looks younger, which is why many women are dying to have them.

Whit this many services and treatments are develop. From left to right salons gives special offers that you cannot resist to have just like eyelashes extensions. The new hit in the market in order to grow longer eyelashes is the eyelashes extension. There are those born with luscious eyelashes, for sure everyone envies them on the other hand there are those born with short and thin eyelashes.

For those who were born with short and thin eyelashes do not lose hope because there are ways to have those luscious eyelashes. Certainly, that you want to grow longer eyelashes but you do not have any idea how, or you may have the idea but you just cannot wait for a specific length of time well no more problem because eyelashes extension is available at your reach.

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension is very popular now, especially to the busy woman of the urban areas. There is no more need for you to apply mascara everyday because it would be there looking all natural.

Eyelash extensions is being used by many Hollywood celebrities and models, it was popular to their circle not until many salons learned about it and offered it to the mass people.

It originated in Japan during the late 1990s and at some point in the early 2000s and it was introduced to the public. With the people’s mentality that what stars use is good, it became an instant hit in the market. Many famous celebrities and personality used it and is still using it which is why many commoners think highly of it.

Eyelash extensions would last for about two to three weeks depending on your hair growth cycle. Unlike with false eyelashes, eyelash extensions are affix to your natural lashes which is why if you are natural lashes reaches its full potential and shed off the eyelash extension would go with it naturally.

You can wear eyelash extensions on ordinary days or during occasions, unlike with mascara that you would need to remove it before sleeping, eyelash extensions are safe when you are sleeping, taking a shower, swimming or while exercising.

After the session of attachment of the fibre lashes, you can already go back to your routine. It would take only one hour as the most and 30 minutes the least to have your eyelash extension session.

It is a trouble free treatment especially for those with busy schedules, if you would have this treatment you would not need to spend time every morning putting mascara to enhance the look of your eyelashes. After an hour of session for the eyelash extensions then you would be effortlessly looking beautiful and young looking for weeks.

If the extensions would be gone, you can again set an appointment with the salon and have your extensions again. It is not a problem if you will need to have eyelash extensions over and over again.

Natural Eyelash Growth

Most probably, you would make your eyelashes grow naturally after applying cosmetics to them. Even when your eyelashes weren’t applied with cosmetics, they could crop up and they will same as natural as other eyelashes look. And if you were always ashamed of how your eyelashes look, with the eyelash growth cosmetics you will experience the confidence of long eyelashes’ look.

Moreover, eyelash growth makes your eyes prettier. The fact is the longer and thicker your eyelashes look, the prettier are your eyes. And it’s true.

The long eyelashes will add more volume to your look and you will certainly get to know what women with long eyelashes feel like. This feeling is awesome – you will feel like you’re on the world’s top! And by the way, longer eyelashes protect your eyes from dust and other things like this better.

If you can’t make your eyelashes grow naturally, you can try using eyelash extensions. You can simply put extensions on your eyelashes when you feel like you need to look gorgeous, like a real society lioness.

But, before you choose eyelash growth, extension, or eyelash conditioner, you have to talk to a specialist and have his advice. Cosmetics, same as medicines, can have various side effects. This is the reason your skin has to be checked to get the best cosmetics’ suggestions from the specialist.

This way you’ll learn which cosmetic is best for your skin, cosmetic that is most appropriate for your eyelashes. When you learn this, you’ll realize that know you have to shop carefully in order to get exactly what you need, whether it’s eyelash conditioner, eyelash extension or eyelash growth cosmetics.

If you want to look the best way, and especially you want it for your eyelashes, you should not stop until you find the best cosmetics for your eye lashes.

If you choose the right cosmetics for your eyelashes growth, you will witness them grow in just four to eight weeks! It’s only one or two months, and this is a result you don’t want to skip on. This is actually the natural eyelash growth that you wanted to get.

In case you really want to get the best results on your eyelashes’ appearance, you would have to look for really good and appropriate eyelash conditioner and related cosmetics to achieve what you want.

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