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Best Colon Cleanse Reviews

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Best Colon Cleanse

A Healthy Colon For A Healthier You

The colon is a tubular type intestinal organ. The colon can is about 6 feet in length. Its purpose is to extract fluid from the stool. The fluid is the moisture that gets to the organs. This is an essential part of how our vital organs get their moisture.

With the food that we eat, we are lining our colon every day with toxic waste. The stool gets tacky as we extract fluid from the content. It starts to stick on the inner lining of the colon. This happens over the years and we get a build up of toxic waste that becomes very unhealthy.

Among the all the other important organs in your body, your colon is considered the most abused because of your bad habits. More often than not, it becomes a garbage collector. Once your colon is clogged, toxic build up will lead to worse scenarios. Hence, there is a need for colon cleansing.

If you will continue to eat unhealthy foods and you will go on with your bad practices, you will harm not only your gastro-intestinal tract but all of your other body organs as well.  Your colon function is to flush out all of the digestive wastes but it cannot do this if toxins and chemicals build-up in your intestines for a long time. These waste materials will remain stagnant in the area until you decide to go for colon cleansing.

An unhealthy colon can harbour toxins for months, even years, before they eventually find their way back into your bloodstream, causing a multitude of ailments and severely affecting your long term health.

Many people are reactive when it comes to dealing with their health issues. They will wait for an issue to arise before dealing with it; usually looking for a fast solution in pill form.

What Ar? Colon Cleansers?

Colon cleansers are simply food, laxatives ?r procedures u??d t? stimulate the bowels int? action producing ? bowel movement. It provides relief fr?m toxins t?at fill ?our body.

It ?s believed that colon cleaners ar? good f?r conditions such a? constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, ?nd ?v?n skin and hair problems.

Generally, the digestive problems ?re caused by ? toxic build-up ?n t?? body. So, ?t ?? essential t? flush t?? body of a?l toxic chemicals. This ?an on?y be done effectively wit? colon cleansers.

Colon cleansing must be d?n? regularly ?nd often ?ince we ?re constantly taking in m?re food whi?h leads t? additional build up ?f toxic waste in th? colon.

There are several types of colon cleansing treatment. They are: colon irrigation or hydrotherapy, colon cleanse liquid or powdered supplements, and oxygenated colon irrigation. You can also purchase a colon irrigation kit and do your own colon cleansing at home.

Symptoms Of A Toxic Colon

If your colon is toxic you may experience symptoms such as poor elimination, irregular bowel movements, constipation, bad breath, foul smelling stools, fatigue, skin rashes, and allergies.

Causes Of A Toxic Colon

When food moves too slowly through the large intestine, irregular bowel movements and constipation can result. This means that faecal waste will stay in the colon for far too long and layers of it will harden on the sides of the colon.

Some sources say that when Elvis Presley died about sixty pounds of faeces that had accumulated in his colon. Insufficient fibre, water and exercise are the most common cause of such toxic build up. When elimination breaks down, the body can poison itself.

How To Cleanse The Colon

Cleansing the colon must therefore be a priority if you want good health. The good news is that cleansing the colon is not difficult. The first step is to drink at least eight glasses of water every day and to eat a high fibre diet.

However, you also need to avoid low nutrient, processed foods that are very bad for you so that your body can begin to heal itself and eliminate the built up waste in the colon.

Many people will need to take more steps than these, however, to completely clean out their colon. A number of excellent colon cleanse products are available to help you on your way such as herbal supplements or oxygenated magnesium supplements to help clear the hardened matter from the colon walls.

Another way to cleanse your colon is to directly flush out faecal material with colon hydrotherapy. A trained therapist at a specially equipped centre administers this treatment and you may need a few visits to completely detoxify your colon. However, once your colon is cleansed, you will only need to detoxify your colon once a year.

As long as you are prepared to eat healthily, drink an adequate amount of pure water and exercise regularly, your colon cleanse can substantially improve your health and well being. There is no better gift you can give yourself.

Natural Colon Cleansers

Colon cleansers are a way of helping your body system function aptly in today’s times when toxins and other harmful chemicals keeps surrounding us 24×7. Taking anything that is made from harsh chemicals is not a good practice. When looking to adhere onto any medication try searching a natural remedy, for natural must be free of any side-effect and complication.

Natural colon cleansing products are one such natural health supplements that are available easily in many chemists and other retailers store online.

The natural cleansers are made up of ingredients that are all natural and consist of plant products that can aid the body with regular bowel movements and thus free it from those toxins and chemicals that are residing inside without any permission.

The overload of toxins cause the harm to the body and most alarmingly to the colon’s functioning. The natural cleansers are a solution to this problem that accomplish this by helping the colon get back on the right track and also aiding in body detoxification.

They additionally help in flushing out all the harmful chemicals that may have remain lingered for years altogether in our bodies unknowingly.

Being natural in their composition and functioning, the body’s reaction to their action is also very natural. The one main advantage one enjoys with these natural cleansers is that they are free from any side effects and complication, which other chemical based cleansers may give rise to in the body of one using them.

So, when adhering onto any natural cleanser that is efficient, forget about doing any harm to your body’s overall health and, in fact, just wait to enjoy benefits like you may have never had.

The one additional benefit the individual can enjoy as a post-effect of natural cleanser is weight loss and also one that is quick and simple. The colon cleanser causing the toxin flush out also aids in the body to get freedom from the impacted faecal matter that may have remained since years thus causing you lose kilos on the scales easily.

Very easy to take, self formulas, the natural cleanser can be purchased without any prescription from all major medical stores both in person and online easily. So, get ready to own a body that is healthier, has a beater skin, is more energetic, rejuvenated, simply a body that feels new and helps you live life healthily and much more energetically than before.

Basic Colon Cleansing Method

All of the many years of eating processed meals, meat items and artificial chemicals in food got its toll in your body by its remains residing in the digestive system for a while. The simplest and the easy way to eliminate all of this waste are through colon cleansing.

Colon cleansing is really a procedure that you can do aware of the best colon cleansing package. The cleanse should involve natural formulas that can help find a healthy body using colon cleanse cleansing from the body.

The formula usually involves a 2 part cleansing system which is aimed at making the most of your elimination process with no loose stools or cramps, through frequent healthy going number 2.

Using the right cleansing method, you’ll go through the immediate benefits connected having a clean colon and also the long-term advantages of a sound body.

The technique to make use colon cleanse can involve in three nutritional plans that enhance the potency of the cleanse. All of the three plans would need you to drink 16 oz of tepid to warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice every day. Using the first plan, you will find no alterations in the eating routine. You’re only advised to consume fresh fruits and veggies at foods.

Colon cleanse colon cleansing package can make colon cleanse more effective and you can eliminate junk meals like inflatable donuts, whitened bread, fried food, chocolate and soda for 7 days. This method eliminates further addition of harmful toxins to your colon.

Throughout the 2nd stage, it is advisable to eliminate animal meals out of your diet, including milk products, and just eat whole plant meals like raw fruits, brown grain, oatmeal, and beans along with other whole grain products for 7 days. Eat fruits and veggies and possibly a number of fresh juices.

This stage requires you to definitely avoid meat and start concentrating on dietary food that can help clean up your colon. Using the third stage from the plan, you are encouraged to drink only fresh vegetable and fruit juices for 7 days. Including fruit and veggies both in raw and uncooked form can also be allowed.

It is now time in which you start employing your colon cleanse package to hasten the cleansing process and provide it an additional boost colon cleanse to obvious in the colon in which the natural meals aren’t able to achieve.

You are able to break the cleanse when you eat small quantities of fruit in the morning having a fresh salad for supper around the eighth and ninth days. It’s advised to complete your colon cleansing seasonally while keeping some alterations in the food habits permanently health.

Eliminate junk meals while consuming more of fresh organic fruits, whole grain products, veggies and beans every day. Having a whole fruit and plant based diet and good workout program, your state of health is greatly enhanced.

Maintain the dietary plan together with plenty of water and hopefully repeat the cleanse every three several weeks to possess a neat and toxic free colon.

Health Benefits Of Using Colon Cleanse

There are many benefits of a colon cleanse which vary from person to person. For those suffering from colon-related health problems the benefits are dramatic. People who colon cleanse to prevent problems and enjoy optimum all round health get what they wish for!

The medical profession agrees that a clean and healthy colon is beneficial to health, preventing a wide range of common and serious problems. This is why almost all of us are aware today, through the FDA and other organizations, of the importance of eating foods that promote colon health.

So, depending on what your starting point is – a colon plagued with problems or in need of pep up – expect to enjoy one or more of the following benefits of a colon cleanse.

1.    Tremendous Energy Boost

Although many of us reach for a hot cup of java every morning for a quick caffeine surge, an herbal colon cleanse is guaranteed to give you a healthy and all-natural boost in vitality every day.

When you can get rid your body of the water bloat and waste matter that’s been clogging up your system, you will feel a greater sense of health and lighter in weight.

2.    All-Natural Weight Loss

Cleansing your system is typically recommended before beginning any weight loss plan. The most all-natural method of cleaning your system is with an herbal colon cleanse.

The high-fibre diet and natural herbs will cleanse your insides naturally. A quick loss of 5 pounds is not uncommon when cleansing properly before beginning a new eating plan.

3.    Rev Up Your Metabolism

Boosting your metabolic rate is important when attempting to lose weight and stabilize your digestive system. Within a matter of days, an herbal colon cleanse will facilitate this process.

You will feel a tremendous difference once your cleansing is complete. And when you sit down to a meal, instead of feeling overstuffed, you metabolism will immediately start breaking your food for energy.

1. Easier Bowel Movements

When faeces are impacted in the small crevices of the colon, bowel movements can be few and far between. Faeces that are passed will be hard and lumpy, and can be difficult for the patient to pass.  After an effective colon cleansing, the patient will experience looser bowels and be able to pass them more frequently. Symptoms such as frequent gas and indigestion may be eliminated after a colon cleanse.

2. Cosmetic Improvements

Believe it or not, cleansing the colon can help promote weight loss and clear skin. Effective colon cleansing will remove toxins that can cause weight gain and acne. Many patients who have their colon cleansed are surprised by the cosmetic improvements that a clean colon can give.

3. Vitamins and Minerals From Foods Are Easily Absorbed

Since colon cleansing loosens impacted faeces, more of the nutrients from food can be absorbed into the body by the large intestine. Patients find that smaller amounts of food will satisfy them and they are able to derive more energy from their meals.  Also, a clean colon can help the body burn calories faster. This, in part, is what aids in weight loss after a colon cleanse.

4. Improvement of Overall Health

Colon cleansing gives patients an overall healthy feeling. Part of taking steps to maintain a healthier lifestyle is promoting overall body health. Colon cleansing doesn’t just treat the colon.  It helps to detoxify the liver, kidneys, gallbladder and appendix. Your body will feel better than it ever has after an effective colon cleansed!

The benefits of a colon cleanse are many. Different people will have different outcomes from a colon cleanse, but the results are almost always positive.

Regular, effective colon cleansing will help to increase and maintain the many benefits of colon cleansing and aid in keeping the body and digestive system healthy and strong.

Homemade Colon Cleanse

Homemade colon cleansing programs are also a good way to start cleansing your colon. Maybe you’re not ready yet or lack the financial capability to undergo a professional colon cleansing procedure, either way a homemade colon cleanse program is a good start. You’ll never know that you might even develop a new program that will totally eliminate professional colon cleaning.

Homemade colons cleanse program starts by identifying foods that act as natural laxatives. There are many of them, fruits and vegetables of high fibre content will do the job for you.

As important as identifying natural cleansers, one must know what food to avoid, in general processed meat and fast food products. You should also avoid alcohol for they literally poison your body.

The purpose of a homemade cleanser is to aid our body in removing harmful toxins and excess faeces that are stuck in the colon. Yes, a lot of them gets stuck and starts to rot in your colon emitting harmful toxins that if not removed, will surely make you ill. Thanks to processed foods, now we have to deal with this issue.

Some people go about it by fasting and taking only fruit and vegetable juices, this is effective however it could be hard especially to those who rely most on solid foods.

In these cases a fibre rich diet is recommended, combining fibre rich foods such as bran, wheat bread, cereals, prunes, apples, blueberries and other vegetables plus a lot of fluids will work wonders in cleaning your colon.

You can create your own recipe just make sure that is healthy and all these are present. Fruits, vegetables and fruit juice (prune juice, cherry juice, apple juice etc…), those should always be present in your diet and make sure that you don’t over indulge for this will give your colon a hard time processing everything.

You may even add flaxseed for a fibre; just make sure that you take adequate fluids. Fibres absorb water, so if you do not have water in you it will make your stool hard and lead to constipation.

A homemade colon cleanser is easy and effective. If you follow a strict diet, who knows? You might not even need a professional colon cleaning anymore.

Colon Cleansing Diet

A good colon cleansing diet is one that promotes regular, fast and painless bowel movement. An essential diet should contain fibre rich fruits and vegetables and lots of fluids. Organic foods are advisable because they are free of chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to the body.

A colon cleansing diet also mean that you have to eat in moderation, over indulgence works the colon so much, that it’s unable to process everything. A protein rich diet coupled with fibre rich fruits and vegetable plus lots of water works wonders not only to your health but also your figure.

A good colon cleansing diet is one that is free from alcohol. Ever wonder why you are called intoxicated when you’re drunk? It’s because you’re literally poisoning your body whenever you take alcoholic drinks. Drinking alcohol never had any benefits so it’s just right to avoid it.

Fasting is also a good colon cleansing diet, But fasting solely on water is not good too because you will deny your body of its needed vitamins.

Do a combination of beet, spinach, carrot, coconut and apples plus plenty of water or juice like prune juice, apple juice or pineapple juice. You can also add colon cleansing herbs like psyllium to your diet. Psyllium is one of the main ingredients of herbal colon cleansers.

Dining out is unavoidable, you don’t want to be dubbed anti-social just because you’re on a colon cleansing diet. Occasional dine-outs should not ruin your diet.

It’s easy, just follow these tips.

  • Avoid overindulging by getting a small plate instead of a big one.
  • Don’t go for the main course, order an appetizer instead.
  • Order vegetables
  • Have your food steamed instead of fried
  • Drink diet coke or water before you eat so will feel full
  • Don’t go for a next round at the table
  • Avoid any cream based sauce

A colon cleansing diet may be boring and tasteless but just think of all the health benefits that you will get all your sacrifices will be worth it in the end.

But, as I always say. You can treat yourself with a little fast food from time to time but make sure to get back to your diet and sweep those bad foods out of your system.

Organic Colon Cleanse

A colon cleanse system or medicine to clean your colon is a good idea if you are thinking about what you can do to help feel better, or even guard against the issue of colon cancer.

If you are in your fifties, you should be getting regular colon system exams to make sure that you aren’t subject to some of the nastiest of colon cancer.

Here is a quick guide to herbal colon cleanse systems.

Colon cleanse systems using herbs or natural cleansing is one method on how to maintain your colon and nearby organs like intestine and liver clean. There are a lot of manufactured cleansing formulas but the effect of natural and herbal colon cleanse system processes are more obvious.

To maintain a healthy and clean colon, the bodies system must be rich in fibre. Thus, it is always recommended to eat foods that are rich in fibre for they help clean the colon.

Raw vegetables are some of the best colon cleanses system foods. People who are vegetarian always maintain healthy colon compared to people who eats different types of meat.

Daily dosage of 25 to 30 grams of fibre is a suggested system to be taken if you are planning to do a colon cleansing. This must be dissolved with food and water and you must not use manufactured medicine.

Colon cleanse herbs systems includes ginger, cascara sagrada, senna, aloe leaf, and cayenne pepper. By taking these fibre-rich herbal cleansers, you are not only cleaning you colon but your liver as well.

Garlic and fennel can help kill harmful bacteria for these plants have purifying actions on colon bad bacteria, while preserving good bacteria at the same time.

If you are serious and truly sincere in maintaining a clean colon, you must adjust your diet and eat foods that rich in nutrients needed both by liver and colon. A good plan and system for keeping on track is the key.

There are also some preserved colon cleansing herbs in form of tea available in health stores. You can drink a colon cleansing tea at least 2 glasses per day as a good substitute to water.

Even an ordinary tea can clean your digestive system, so a good colon cleanse system tea is 5 times more effective especially if combined with wheat germ, rice bran, or oat bran cereals for your breakfast. Hope these herbal colon cleanse tips help.

Best Herbs For Cleaning Colon

When it comes to cleansing the colon, there are some herbs which are definitely considered as being the best herbs for cleansing the colon, and it is obviously then very important to learn about what these are.

1. Dandelion Root

One of the best herbs for cleansing the colon is dandelion root, an herb that has a very lengthy history of being used throughout the world as a liver and colon herb.

It works by stimulating bile secretion, and in regards to the liver in particular, dandelion root helps to remove its debris by dumping it into the bile. Then from here the bile flows into the intestinal tract and is eliminated in the stool.

2. Fennel Seeds

Another of the best herbs for cleansing the colon is fennel seed, which has a major chemical compound known as terpenoid anethole that is believed to be responsible for fennel’s ability to inhibit spasms in smooth muscles, such as those in the intestinal tract. This herb is not recommended for small children however, and as well it should not be used for a prolonged period of time.

3. Liquorice Root

Liquorice root is also considered as being one of the best herbs for cleansing the colon, and it is an herb which has actually been used for centuries because of its incredible effectiveness; not only on the colon but on various other organs of the body as well.

Do not forget! Although these and many other herbs are great for helping you to cleanse your colon, it is vital to understand that in order to get and stay healthy you need to do much more than just clean your colon out one time.

You need to make sure that you are living as generally healthy a lifestyle as possible, and this means eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, one that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, and also making sure to drink plenty of water and get regular exercise on a daily basis.

Best Colon Cleansing Methods

To ensure that your colon is in its prime condition, you should always get your colon cleansed at regular intervals. There are various methods which you can use to get your colon cleansed. While some are expensive, some are quite affordable and while some can be administered at home, for some you need to pay visits to the therapist.

The best method depends on your needs. What we will provide here is an outline of the various methods available.

1. Juice Fasting

It is better to practice juice fasting than simple fasting to get your colon in proper shape. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of fibre in them and this helps in bowel movements. Since you are not consuming anything else there is nothing additional that gets deposited.

However, consuming entire fruits and vegetables would not be a nice idea as the fibres in that form can be harder to digest. When you take them in the form of a juice you are much likely to yield better results.

Also, the fact that since most fruits and vegetables have high nutritional value, your body will not be deprived of energy to work which would have been the case if it was a complete fast.

2. Colon Hydrotherapy

One of the most effective ways of getting your colon cleansed is to go for colon hydrotherapy. This technique or method involves fusing the fusing of lukewarm water along with normal filtered water in the colon through a disposable plastic material tube. This method requires extreme delicacy and the doctor should be fully qualified.

There isn’t any use of drugs or chemicals during this certain process. A smaller disposable speculum is lightly and gently inserted into the butt from the hydrotherapy equipment. Then the warm water is flowed down into the colon.

Colon Hydrotherapy involves lightly pressured stomach massage and lots of fills and secretion of water to take out the toxic that have accumulated in the colon surfaces. The faecal matter will be washed away through the system’s waste disposal hose pipe.

A colon hydrotherapy usually lasts for Forty five minutes. About thirty gallons of regular water is used to be transported inside and of course outside the colon in the session.

3. Herbal Laxatives

The colon cleanse herbs and the herbal laxatives claim to be harmless and position themselves as alternatives to commercial laxatives. They further their claim saying that since they are natural, they are safe.

The herbs are generally very strong and they start showing results in 6 to 12 hours time after consumption. They should be had only in moderate amounts as a prolonged use can have serious side effects.

4. Enema

The Enema is specifically useful to relieve a person involving constipation. This procedure consists of insertion of a tiny amount of water into the large intestinal area via the anus. Third particular technique is effective for dislodging or disembarking waste from the lower area of intestine.

Enemas can be successfully carried out and perform at home and zero training or prior experience or know-how is required to perform them.

5. Oxygen Centred Colon cleansing

This process involves usage of a few capsules. These kinds of capsules are filled with oxygen based chemical substances. When they are ingested, the particular oxygen is unveiled in the body and gets rid of the faecal matter.

This technique is recommended for a long time colon cleansing. The pills aid with the disposal and elimination of toxins inside intestines, particularly the colon.

6. Herbal Remedies

Many people turn to herbal remedies to cleanse colon. Most of these treatments more closely mimic the natural process and the cleansing action proceeds at a more moderate speed producing fewer undesirable side effects.

It is believed that herbs also provide additional benefits in that they also remove harmful bacteria and while not affecting the required levels of good bacteria.

Bale fruit is mostly used to serve this purpose. Apart from that, psyllium husk and seeds, corn syrup, pears, grape or prune juices are found to be effective in order to cleanse colon.

Additionally, ginger root, garlic, cascara sagrada, cayenne pepper and black radish roots can be used quite successfully to promote Colon Cleanse.

7. Oral Supplements

Some people elect to perform a cleanse using oral supplements. These supplements are created using specialized formulas and ingredients that allow the colon to expel its contents.

The Positive Effects Of Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing has been around since Egyptian times. Its golden age in the 19th century came with man’s awareness of proper sanitation and sewage disposal systems.

Colon cleansing became an integral part of medication during the 1920’s. Every treatment includes a round of colon cleansing, which takes 45 minutes to an hour.

These days colon cleansing is not regularly prescribed by medical doctors. For them, the only effects of colon cleanse to treat chronic constipation and faecal impaction.

Due to today’s fast food diet, people do not get the amount of fibre our body needs which might lead to constipation and a feeling of sluggishness.

If your diet is not balanced, plaque and faecal matter can be encrusted in your intestinal walls, and this is where colon cleansing comes to the rescue. The effects of a colon cleanse is that it flushes out and removes these entire encrusted gunk from your colon.

According to some articles, these two are the most prominent effects of colon cleanse: colon cleansing can also relieve you from diarrhoea because it eliminates the toxins which have built up in your colon. The second is that colon cleansing is supposed to help prevent colon cancer.

The Negative Effects Of Colon Cleanse

Doctors and scientists argue that colon cleansing is practiced by holistic and alternative medicine. The effects of colon cleanse which alternative medicine praises have no scientific merit.

Unfortunately, it has been observed from colonic surgery and autopsies that there is no hardening of faecal matter in our colon walls. What’s more colon cleansing supplements are not approved by the FDA and they can make any claims on the effects of colon cleanse which will work to their advantage.

About colon irrigation and hydrotherapy, there is the danger of unsterilized equipment. Colon cleanse tubes might also draw holes on your colon walls. What’s more because your colons are being flushed with water, the bacteria being flushed are both good and bad.

Beneficial bacteria and natural chemicals are needed to keep our excretions in balance, upsetting this balance can be toxic for our body.

In conclusion, effects of colon cleanse are arguable and both arguments have their own points. So, the decision of believing whichever side is up to you.

Colon cleansing may or may not be good. For more substantial information, it is still best to ask a medical doctor on the issue of colon cleansing and its effects.

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