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Adult Acne Treatment For Men & Women

Top Adult Acne Treatment – 2018

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Revitol’s AcneZine™ – #1 Adult Acne Treatment Reviews

When I’m researching the internet to find real information and reviews from actual users about an acne care treatment, my main objective is “Does it work? Is this treatment any good for adults?” Products that are aimed at acne care work best and the majority of them are well balanced in terms of pros/cons and effectiveness, a very large percentage of forum comments, blog posts, and reviews that I have come across for Revitol’s AcneZine™ Treatment Kit have been positive.

Like with all products I researched I found truly negative reviews and one of those people was using AcneZine to treat eczema, not acne. Another user said that it gave her dry skin – but that was due to the fact she applied the cream at an excessively 5 times a day (instead of the 1-3 recommended applications). Two other users said they saw an improvement only after 3-4 weeks of regular use. As with all acne care products, it takes time to see the effectiveness of a new product. There is no such thing as an overnight cure.

One review writer at Acne org, who uses the system to prevent her mild to moderate acne just as it starts to breakout, states that AcneZine™ “works well and doesn’t cause any news one”. A writer at Acne – Forum. com in his 30′s who suffers from acne on and off says about the AcneZine™ Treatment system that “…it’s the only thing that has worked for me…” and notices a difference within 2 weeks from using it.

How Does AcneZine™ Work?

AcneZine™ Acne Treatment, FDA registered is two-in-one skin care management system that contains “acne fighting ingredients as well as natural healing ingredients that will help soothe your skin”. The formula is designed to work for both adults and teenagers suffering with mild to moderate facial or body acne, spots, blackheads and whiteheads.

Where To Buy AcneZine?

No matter where you are in the world how to get an AcneZine acne kit shouldn’t be a problem. Though it can’t be found in online stores, AcneZine acne remedy kit can easily be purchased at the official AcneZine™ website where you can also avail of their risk-free trial and read more user reviews.
The cost of a one-month supply of Acnezine is $39.95.

Do we recommend Revitol’s AcneZine?

Judging from hundreds of testimonials AcneZine works really well and it comes with a solid 90-day money back guarantee as well. AcneZine makes a great choice for facial or body acne cure and we highly recommend it.

It offers a speedy reduction in blemishes and scarring, it does not cause dryness or peeling and is gentle for even the most sensitive of skins Most user reviews of AcneZine notice less acne and clearer skin within two weeks or less and many continue to use as a preventative just when they see that acne starts to breakout.

Adult Acne Treatment Overview

Adult acne affects approximately 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men, all over the age of 25. Unfortunately, adult acne can be a bit more challenging to eliminate than acne in teenagers. There are two categories of adult acne. One is late-onset acne and the other is persistent acne.

Late-onset acne generally occurs in someone who has enjoyed a clear complexion for numerous years and then the acne suddenly returns. Women going through menopause sometimes experience this type of acne.

Persistent acne usually starts in the teen years and continues into a person’s 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and older. It is a more common occurrence for a woman to experience this type of acne than a man.

For the most part, the answer to “what is adult acne” it is basically the same acne as that which is experienced by a teenager. Some adults have fewer whiteheads and blackheads and may tend to have the more severe papules, pustules, along with some nodules. However, there are those adults who experience more blackheads and whiteheads and less of the other more severe acne formations.

Blackheads result from the accumulation of oil and dead skin cells becoming trapped inside of a pore, which creates a plug of keratin and sebum inside the hair follicle.

Developmental Stages Of Acne

To be able to discover why adults get acne, we initially need to learn what acne is and what causes it to develop.

Clogged Pores – Acne vulgaris is an inflammatory skin disease that occurs when oil and dead skin cells obstruct the pore’s opening, which causes sebum (oil) to build-up within the pore. Adult acne generally commences with the outbreak of blackheads.

Bacteria – A buildup of sebum and dead skin cells attract bacteria, which in turn feeds on the oil and multiplies inside of the pores.

Irritation And Inflammation – The bacterial overgrowth activates the inflammatory reaction, which ultimately causes swelling and redness. This may eventually result in discoloration and scars.


For men who are asking the question, “What is adult acne”, the answer is tied to hormones. The fluctuation of the male hormones, in particular testosterone, causes the sebaceous glands to secrete excess oil, which in turn starts the acne formation. In addition, anabolic steroid drugs can certainly bring about an outbreak of acne.

How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne

One might think having survived puberty that acne would be a thing of the past. However, men of any age can suffer periodic breakouts. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, about one-quarter of the adult male population suffer from acne at some point in their life.

Cause Of Adult Male Acne

For men, acne has its roots in the male hormones and testosterone certainly plays a role in the eventual outbreak of acne. These hormones stimulate the skin’s oil-producing glands, known as the sebaceous glands, which results in an excessive amount of oil called sebum.

Oftentimes, sebum combines with the dead skin cells on the face, thus clogging the pores and hair follicles and ultimately producing blackheads and whiteheads. In addition, oily skin provides a good environment for bacteria to thrive, which results in the creation of pustules (pimples with pus), inflammation and infection.

What is Adult Acne?

So you still have acne, or maybe it’s come back all of a sudden. You might be asking ‘What is Adult Acne?’, well I’ll tell you.

High school is long gone, and you’re still fighting into what has become adult acne into your 20’s, 30’s, and beyond. Maybe you’ve been clear for quite a few years and it seems to have come back out of nowhere. You might be thinking, “What the heck? Why do I still have acne?

Relax, you’re not the only one. About a 1/4 of all men and 1/2 of all women get acne sometime in their years as an adult. 1/3 of those affected also get it on their body. And apparently these numbers are on the rise (Source: International Journal of Cosmetic Science, June 2004, pages 129-138).

Take note, these are just the reported numbers. From what I have seen, pretty much everyone gets a pimple once in a while. But of course, adults can have acne that goes anywhere from a couple blackheads to many cysts.

I had acne all the way into my mid-twenties, and I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t aggressively tried many different treatments, I would probably still have it. I had adult cystic acne, so my zits were very painful and embarrassing.

Psychological Factors

Each morning I’d go through my ritual of popping the ugly pimples before showing my face to the outside world. I’d then have to periodically check my face throughout the day, in the bathroom, to see if any new inflamed whiteheads had showed up. Talk about embarrassing!

Try as I might, I couldn’t help but feel less confident due to my skin problems. The psychological effects of having adult acne can be just as bad or even worse than teenage acne.

Adults may be more subtle about their reaction to your appearance (they might not straight up call you “pizza face”), but they do form impressions in their mind, whether consciously or subconsciously. As far as first impressions go, looks are all most people have.


What is adult acne? Well for the most part it’s the same acne you had as a teenager, and the causes are similar. Adults generally have fewer whiteheads and blackheads.

For me, I had less blackheads and whiteheads but plenty of papules, pustules, and some nodules.

Some women get acne for the first time ever as an adult. Or, they get rid of it as a teenager and it comes roaring back in their 20’s or 30’s. This is called adult onset acne. This type of acne tends to be located on the lower part of a woman’s face and is linked to the menstrual cycle. Find out more about the causes of female adult acne.

For men, adult male acne is less common but certainly still happens. I’m one to know.

Treating Adult Acne

Fruit can help when treating adult acneClearing adult acne is similar to treating acne in general. Depending on your severity, you could clear your skin by:

  • Natural products
  • Over the counter topical treatments
  • Prescription medications like Accutane
  • Oral contraceptives for women

Caring for your skin is a good start.

It will be up to you to find your best solution, I only intend to be your guide. By following the advice I present, you can be on your way to healthy skin and say good-bye to adult acne forever!

Adult Acne Symptoms

You may be looking for symptoms adult acne. Don’t worry, that’s a common typo. I’ll share some common adult acne symptoms to help your diagnosis.

Acne lesions are typically seen on the face, neck, upper arms, upper back, chest, and shoulders.

Here are some of the symptoms of adult acne:

  • Typical pustule for symptoms adult acne
  • Whitehead and blackhead bumps
  • Inflamed whiteheads are red around the white spot
  • Nodules and cysts are larger bumps that do not have a whitehead but may still be red
  • Facial itching and localised pain at site of pimple

The inflamed pimples are typically called papules or pustules. They are more commonly seen with adults, while the blackheads and plain whiteheads are not as common.

Some adults tend to get the acne on the lower parts of their face as they age. This is what I experienced as well. As I got older I found more acne would develop around my jawline and less on the forehead. This isn’t a requirement for adult acne though, so take it with a grain of salt.

This is not to be confused with acne rosacea, which has the following typical symptoms:

  • Enlarged nose tissue
  • Flushed face
  • Skin may appear red or sunburned – at first, the flushing comes and goes, but if rosacea gets worse, the flushing lasts longer) burning eyes or a feeling of grittiness
  • Small but visible blood vessels on the face
  • Red bumps with pus on areas of the nose, cheeks, forehead, or chin

Adult Acne Treatments for ‘Grown-Up’ Skin

Did you know, that 90% of teenagers, and near 25% of adults suffer from acne? This makes acne the worlds most common disease. Outbreaks of acne in adulthood therefore is not that uncommon, but fortunately adult acne treatments are designed to meet the specific skin care needs of grown-ups. This particular skin care problem requires specially formulated treatments intended for mature skin.

Acne at any age is unpleasant, but adult acne can negatively affect an individual both physically and socially. People that suffer from adult acne often fall into depression, which may cause an individual to become an introvert due to the embarrassment factor. Fortunately, the development of treatments has significantly progressed, in the past few years, to take care of almost all forms of outbreak.

Adult Acne Remedy – Educating Adults
In most cases, education is the key to ensure success in treating acne. Skin experts encourage people to read and research on the subject in order to be aware of its causes and effects. Various resources on the Internet provide plenty of data on the subject.

Do check the reliability of the information you obtain. The difference between truths and fallacies as ‘myths’ often interfere with the effective treatment of adult acne. For instance, people (of all ages) still believe that eating chocolates promotes acne. As of this writing, there is NO scientific evidence that supports this.

Adult Acne Cures – Assorted Products
Billions of dollars are spent each year on adult acne cures. But really, the choice of treatment is based on the severity of the skin condition. Over-the-counter (OTC) adult acne cures consist of a variety of creams, cleansers, moisturizers and astringents and not all of these are bogus. In fact, OTC adult acne cures are often effective against mild acne wherein positive results may appear within a few months.

However, severe cases of adult acne may require the help of a professional dermatologist. A dermatologist will be able to more thoroughly determine the cause of your acne and as such effectively prescribe prescription medication for it. Before you know it, your face will be clear in no time!

Take a look at the information at this site. It will have you research some of the key issues surrounding adult acne and its treatments.

Combination Adult Acne Treatments

Clearing acne on combination skin, which is both dry and oily without causing additional breakouts or irritation, will certainly be a challenge, but not impossible.

Before getting into the actual acne treatment options, let’s look at what generally characterizes combination skin.

Characteristics Of Combination Skin With Acne

For someone with combination skin the T-zone, which is the area across the forehead and down the nose to the chin, is generally oilier than the rest of the face. In addition, this area has larger pores and more sebaceous glands. Pimples usually present themselves in the T-zone.

The outer part of the face, cheeks in particular, might be flaky and tend towards being dry.

Combination skin must be balanced and it does require more care than normal skin. Deep cleansing and regular exfoliation must be done in order to keep blemishes to a minimum and/or ultimately achieve clear skin. Water-based products are the best choice for this type of skin.

To insure you don’t make matters worse, it is critical to use products that are formulated for acneic combination skin. It might be necessary to use different products on different portions of the face. For example, you might need oil-absorbing products for the T-zone and hydrating creams for the dry cheeks. In addition, it might require an acne treatment on a certain portion of the face and a moisturizer on a drier area.

Cleanser – Be sure to select a cleanser that is formulated for combination skin. You could also opt for a cleanser that has some exfoliating properties to help remove the dead skin cells. Cleansers containing alpha hydroxy acids would fall into this category.

Exfoliation – Blemishes occur inside the pores and salicylic acid is an ingredient that is a much more gentle and great option for exfoliating the pore than using something like benzoyl peroxide.

Toner – We all know that toners don’t tone a thing, but they do serve a purpose. A toner will remove any residue of cleanser or dirt, along with closing the pores, which will minimize the entry for bacteria. Although a toner containing alcohol is a temptation, steer clear and opt for one that is gentle with an anti-irritant like chamomile.

Low-Dose Benzoyl Peroxide Cream – Benzoyl peroxide cream comes in various strengths ranging from 2.5% to 10%. If the acne were in both the dry and oily portions of the skin, then it would be best to use the 2.5% to avoid excessive drying of the skin. If the acne is only located in the oily portion of the skin, you could work your way up into higher benzoyl peroxide percentages. Gently feather the cream into the acne areas using the fingertips; rubbing it in might cause irritation.

Water-Based Moisturizer – Use a water-based moisturizer after using a product containing benzoyl peroxide. It will help to avoid excessive drying. In addition, this type of moisturizer won’t clog the pores or cause additional irritation. Once again, it’s best to feather the moisturizer onto the face rather than rubbing it on.

Weekly Mask – Apply a mixture of dry oatmeal and unpasteurized honey to the face for 20 minutes. The oatmeal will help to reduce the oil, while maintaining proper moisture levels of the skin.

Another option to consider is using two different masks. One for the oily, acneic skin and the other for the dry. If you decide to go with this option, then you might want to use a clay-based mask or one with tea tree oil for the oily T-zone skin. For the dry skin, opt for a hydrating mask that contains hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E.

Oil-Blotting Sheets – A great little item to have on hand to quickly rid the face of excess shine are oil-blotting sheets. A great little invention that sucks up the oil in lickety split time.

Adult Acne Remedy That Work – Real or Conflicting

If you’re having acne problems, you will find many conflicting advices to your acne problems that make it quite difficult which of these acne remedies that work is best for you. The truth is there are various possible methods to get rid of acne, but the right method that is best for you might not be the best method for another person.

The main reason why this happens is because of the fact that a person’s skin is exactly different from the other. The question is not about finding the best acne remedies that work, the real question is which one will be good for you.

Next is if you are willing to try these different methods to know which treatments is right for you or are you better off with your acne? If you really want to get rid of your acne, the best thing you can do is to try experimenting on the different options available until you find the right treatment. The great news is once you find the right acne cure for your acne you will be more than happy to get rid of them.

Let’s take a look at the best acne treatments that work and see which one works for you.

Drinking Lots of Water
Water is a great help in natural detox which helps your body in flushing out the toxins that can block your pores and cause acne occurrence. This may sound very common but the help water can provide your skin can actually be a big help for acne problems. It does not only naturally detox your skin but it can also help in rejuvenating your skin. Make sure that you drink pure water not fruit juices or soda.

Yes, folks toothpaste. Some people find it weird but toothpaste is really one of the best acne treatments that work. It is a real cheap option and there’s no harm in trying. You can place a dab of toothpaste on your pimple. Toothpaste is known in drying out the spot and reduces inflammation.

Treating your acne with the sun’s aid comes in two ways. One, if you’re getting a lot of sunlight then make an effort to increase your skin’s exposure to sun. This will help in getting rid of the dead cells on your skin as the heat of the sun touches your skin. Two, if you are overexposed to sunlight then you have to lessen your time outdoors. Too much exposure to sun can cause acne occurrence.

Additionally, when you try to experiment if sunlight works for you, make sure to put sunblock to protect your skin.

Avoid Stress
It is generally understood that stress can cause acne because of androgen hormones. These hormones fires up acne occurrence but if you try to live a stress free life or lessen your stress levels whenever possible most likely you can prevent acne occurrence.

Home Remedies
It is claimed that many homemade acne treatments work like oatmeal, baking soda with water, apple cider vinegar and egg yolk. These acne remedies may work for some but not for all. But you can try any of these and which one is best for you.

Decrease Fat and Sugar Intake
There have been existing debates regarding whether food especially chocolates can cause acne but it will be helpful if you try reducing your fat and sugar intake. Who knows this might work for you.

Visit Your Doctor
If you’re still having acne and no one had really advised you what you should do the best thing is for you to visit your doctor.

The best adult acne treatments that work are basically dependent on your skin’s reaction. They may be conflicting at times but once you find which one suits you, then you can start saying “goodbye acne”.

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