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Natural Prostrate Health

The prostate gland is a vital part of the male sex organs. The prostate is mistakenly called the prostrate, rather than prostate. Its main job is to produce and then store a transparent fluid that is a component of semen.

A sound human’s prostate gland is somewhat larger in size than a walnut. The prostate surrounds the urethra underneath the bladder. It is located in front of the rectum and a portion of it can be felt during the course of a rectal examination.

Inflammation of the prostate is a gland that is named prostatitis. If the prostate grows enlarged it can impede the flow of urine, making urination painful and difficult and in extreme cases completely impossible. Prostatitis can be treated with antibiotics, prostate massage or even operations.

In men who are elderly, the prostate may grow to the point where urination is difficult. This is named benign prostatic hyperplasia, commonly called BPH.

It can be treated with medicinal drugs or with even surgical procedures that removes part of the prostate. One commonplace operation used in these types of cases is called transurethral prostate resection (TUR or TURP).

Cancer of the prostate is one of the most commonplace cancers to affect older-aged men and a leading cause of dying. Consistent rectal exams are medically recommended to uncover prostate cancer before it spreads.

There is also a laboratory blood test that measures the amount of a protein, PSA or Prostate Specific Antigen), which can be normally quite low. Elevated pSA blood results may highly suggest disorder within the prostate, prostatitis, bPH or cancer. The PSA blood test cannot distinguish between these conditions, but can be a reason for your physician to investigate further.

Prostate cancer is treated with hormonal manipulation (prevention of production of testosterone), radiation or even surgical measures. It has only recently been uncovered that medications like Docetaxel can sometimes be useful in treating a cancerous prostate.

Stimulation of the prostate in men has been compared to stimulation of the G spot in females because prostate stimulation can result in a more powerful experience of orgasm. Prostate massage or prostate milking refers to massaging motions of the prostate either for health-related or primarily for sexual fulfilment.

What Is An Enlarged Prostate?

It is a Condition Caused by Numerous Disorders. An enlarged prostate can be caused by a number of conditions, some harmless and some potentially deadly, such as prostate cancer.

So, just exactly what is it? An enlarged prostate is an increase in size of the gland. The causes are many and various, and may include bacterial or viral infections, natural processes associated with aging, as well as cancer.

The most common causes of an enlarged prostate are usually benign. Prostatitis is a blanket term that covers a number of different disorders all of which result in an enlargement of the prostate gland. Acute bacterial prostatitis is an enlargement of the prostate caused by a bacterial infection.

The treatment for this condition is simply administering antibiotics. Chronic bacterial prostatitis is caused by a physiological defect that provides a safe harbour for bacterial growth.

The treatments for this type of enlarged prostate are not as simple as for acute bacterial prostatitis since the defect must first be treated before antibiotics can prove useful. This often involves surgery to correct the original disorder.

The worst case scenario for prostate enlargement is prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is one of the most common causes of death for males over the age of fifty.

Prostate cancer not only causes tumours, but also results in a general enlargement of the prostate itself. If detected early, prostate cancer is very treatable. However, if the disease is not detected before the onset of symptoms, it can be very difficult to treat.

Regardless of the causes of prostate enlargement, the symptoms are typically the same. These may include difficulties urinating, including a feeling of being unable to completely empty the bladder.

Another common symptom of an enlarged prostate gland is blood in the urine. While some blood in the urine is natural, an enlarged prostate can cause excessive amounts of blood in the urine that may be visible to the naked eye.

Prostate Health – Holistic Healing For Prostate Health

For men concerned about their prostrate health, there are plenty of natural options available to keep this walnut-sized gland functioning properly.

Concern over the side effects and physical trauma (not to mention the efficacy) of traditional surgical methods to heal the body has created a whole industry devoted to holistic health alternatives that don’t involve prescription medications or invasive procedures.

1. The Importance Of Diet

Diet – One of the best approaches to a healthy prostate is to maintain a good diet plan. It can be as strict as you prefer – some eschew meat and feel it is unnecessary and fouls up the bowels, thus creating stress for the prostate gland.

Others simply recommend a diet high in fibre, low in fat, and generally well-rounded. Whatever you’re most comfortable with is the diet you should follow. Try to ensure that it will include vegetables and fruit. Also try and drink water every day as it helps to flush out the toxins.

2. The Importance Of Exercise

Exercise – There’s nothing better than a brisk walk (or jog, if you’re able) to increase the blood flow and stimulate the health of your prostate. Most holistic healers recommend a lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise; unless you’re a “gym rat” now, you’re probably not getting enough of the good stuff.

You can ramp up your exercise routine by getting outside and doing yard work, lifting weights, skiing, hiking, or enjoying a host of other heart-pumping activities. Even traditional physicians herald this approach to keeping all your bodily organs, including the prostate, in tip-top shape.

3. Supplements

Naturopathic doctors often recommend taking supplements as a way to boost your prostate health. However, there’s no one “recipe” as far as vitamins and minerals go; therefore, you’ll need to find the one that works best for you.

By visiting your local healthy foods grocer, you can find some supplement packages and test them out. (And most health food stores also have a library section so you can read up on the supplements before buying them.) *Natural Herbs For Prostate Cures

Prostate problems are a disorder that affects roughly 12% of all men, and chances are that you or someone you know will be affected by this. A prostate gland is about the size of a walnut; it sits below the bladder and is an important part of a man’s reproductive system.

When men begin to search for a treatment, most pharmaceutical products show a limited effect in treating this problem. As an alternative, many men will start searching for natural prostate cures.

As men age, the prostate will go through two periods of growth. The first stage of growth will occur in early puberty, where the prostate will double in size.

Then, at age 25, the prostate will begin to grow again. It is during this second stage of growth that usually constitutes an enlarged prostate.

During this growth period, the tissue that surrounds the prostate stops it from expanding, and this causes the prostate to press against the urethra.

In general, it is believed that by the time most men have reached 45, they will have experienced some prostate enlargement. They may also live symptom free. This enlargement is usually harmless, but it will often cause problems with urination later in life.

By the time men reach the age of 60, about 80% will experience some problems with urination due to prostate enlargement.

Many of the medications used today have limited effects on an enlarged prostate, so more men are turning to natural prostate cures. Some of these are showing very promising results. Recent studies have shown that a natural cure for prostate enlargement proves to be more effective for treatment than using drugs.

Some of the most common natural treatments use herbs. Among the most common herbs used are, Saw palmetto, Rye pollen, Stinging nettle, Lycopene and Pygeum.

1. Saw Palmetto

According to SPINS, a market research company based in Schaumburg, Ill., saw palmetto generated nearly $19 million in sales, making it the second most purchased herbal dietary supplement in 2010. Few dietary ingredients have received as much attention in the men’s health category has saw palmetto and its active ingredient, beta-sitosterol.

Saw palmetto (serona repens) is obtained from the partially dried berries of the dwarf palm tree. There are several studies that support the use of saw palmetto to reduce prostate volume and support healthy urinary flow. Some studies have also shown improvement in erectile function for the average patient.

2. Lycopene

Lycopene is a bioactive component of tomatoes. In a randomized clinical pilot study, 40 men with prostate enlargement or benign prostate hyperplasia were given a dose of 15 mg of lycopene each day for 6 months while the control group was given a placebo.

At the end of the study, scientists concluded that lycopene supplements may help inhibit the progression of prostate enlargement and ameliorate its symptoms. Scientists found lycopene to be safe to use and well-tolerated.

3. Selenium

A study published in the May 2009 issue of Acta Oncologica examined the connection between blood selenium and BPH in 21 men. Researchers observed that men with low levels of selenium in the blood had a greater risk of developing BPH than men who had higher levels of selenium in the blood.

The July 2011 issue of Urologia published a review noting selenium’s ability to reduce oxidation in the prostate. Research suggests that selenium may also reduce the risk of prostate cancer because of its antioxidant properties. Selenium can help protect the prostate against the damaging effects of free radical activity.

4. Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle is recorded to be an effective treatment for prostate disease and arthritis. Extract of the stinging nettle roots have been used in Germany for respiratory health, joint disorders, and prostate health.

5. Pygeum

Pygeum is a large evergreen tree found in southern and central Africa. The bark of the pygeum tree has several compounds that are thought to be useful in prostate health. It has been used in Germany, France, and Austria for over 30 years, for patients with prostate enlargement.

One of the most promising substances which are recommended by many is Lycopene. It is a component of tomatoes, but it is only present in tomato products when they are cooked. In European diets, where tomatoes are used abundantly, there is a very low incidence of prostate enlargement.

Side effects that are associated with drug based treatments include erectile dysfunction and painful ejaculations. So, this is another reason why natural prostate cures are being pursued. Use of herbs has shown very little harmful effects and they are also very affordable.

Herbs are also being combined for a more effective treatment. A combination of Saw palmetto and Pygeum africanum are often used to produce an effective and potent treatment for prostate enlargement.

Two components of Saw palmetto are Serona repens and Serrulata. When used together, these are a powerful combination, so it is no surprise that Saw palmetto has been used for hundreds of years. It also contains aphrodisiac properties, which increase sperm production and sexual prowess. Stinging nettle has been used as a treatment for arthritis, as well as prostate problems.

Although these natural prostate cures work well for most men, it is important to visit a doctor at least every six months to check the prostate for any change in size.

Dosage And Efficiency

Some of these prostate herbs are sold as individually while others are combined to result to a more potent product. In order for the prostate herbs to be effective, it has to meet standardized dosage. Any dosage below the required may be useless, and any dosage that is too much may be harmful.

For example, in order for saw palmetto to be effective, a daily dosage of 320mg of 85 to 95% fatty acids is needed; and the stinging nettle and pygeum bark needs a 4:1 extract. It is still best to consult with a physician before buying these products.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Men who suffer from prostate cancer are finding the simplest potential prostate cancer treatment to reduce the pain that they’re experiencing and ultimately eradicate this type of cancer cells from their body. Also, they’re distressed that this kind of cancer will be fatal to them, which will result to death.

In fact, there are prostate cancer treatment that is available to identify the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer. The types of prostate cancer treatment will be implemented depends on the severity of the cancer and the expertise of the doctors who diagnose the cancer for you.

A surgery is usually recommended to remove all the cancer cells from the body. The bad thing for surgery is the prostate might need to be eliminated from the body to prevent the extent of the cancer. Moreover, there are various types of surgeries that may be carried out such as focal laser ablation, transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) and laparotomy.

Prostate cancer therapy such as radiation is also one of the most popular prostate cancer treatments. Radiation can eradicate all the cancer cells from the body.

Furthermore, it is important for patients with prostate cancer to tell their conditions to the doctors as this can help the doctor to arrange and design the best prostate cancer treatment for them. From this, the patients can unleash their tensions while suffering from the disease.

It is easy to get depression if keeping all those emotions inside. Therefore, do not keep the body conditions to yourself. Find someone who is professional to help you to get it through.

Prostate cancer is actually a sickness that may affect men’s daily life. However, it can be prevented through some correct ways of medication.

Overall, awareness is the most efficient approach in battling this type of cancer. Men ought to be terribly cautious and alert on understanding of their body condition. Prevention is always better than cure.

More importantly, the prostate cancer treatment has to be finished according to the doctors’ recommendation to avoid any complications that might make the condition worse. Do not begin or stop the medication without consulting the doctors.

Herbal Treatment For Prostate Cancer – Learning Alternative Cancer Treatments

Cancer, especially prostate cancer is a disease that affects men most from the age 60 and up. It’s a disease that has a different effect depending on the age, health, medicine regimen and overall lifestyle of an individual.

While there are several traditional treatment and therapy options available like surgery, and radiation that are known to be quite effective, many people are worried about the effect these aggressive treatments may have on the body and the side effects that are associated with each option.

In an attempt to find other, more natural treatment options, many people are beginning to turn to alternative medicine and the natural herbal remedies that have recently become popular in the Western world.

Whether it’s to complement a traditional treatment or simply as a stand-alone alternative prostate cancer treatment, there are many known benefits from using herbs as therapy for prostate cancer.

Common Traditional Prostate Cancer Treatments

The most common traditional prostate cancer treatments and therapy are the following:

1. Surgery

Often, surgery is the approach many men use to combat their prostate cancer. During surgery, part or all of the prostate gland is removed and the surrounding tissues may be taken out as well. Though recovery can be painful, surgery is especially effective for localized prostate cancer than has not spread to remote parts of the body.

2. Radiation Therapy

Some prostate cancer victims have been pleased with the results of radiation therapy, whereby a probe is inserted into the prostate gland and high energy beams are directed at the cancerous spot(s). Thus, the cancer is “killed” (ideally) in a minimally invasive way.

3. Chemotherapy

Patients with stage 1 or 2 prostate cancer don’t always readily turn to chemotherapy to address their cancer, but those who have been diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 may turn to this treatment.

During the chemotherapy process, drugs are either ingested by or injected into the patient so the chemo can work through the bloodstream. However, the side effects of chemotherapy can be extreme, including loss of hair and extreme fatigue/nausea.

4. Hormone Therapy

Some patients who are in stage 1 of their prostate cancer prefer to take hormones that reduce their androgen levels, thereby shrinking the prostate gland.

Though this isn’t a cure for cancer, some men feel better about trying this route before considering surgery. (It is also appropriate for those for whom surgery is not an option for one reason or another.) Most of these treatments are considered quite aggressive and have a wide range of side effects that are known to either weaken the system or affect quality of life either temporarily or in some cases, permanently.  Some of these side effects include incontinence, impotence, urinary infrequency and inability to ejaculate.

In order to alleviate these side effects, many people choose complementary treatments from alternative medicine, while other people choose to skip these treatments altogether and go on a path of alternative treatment and therapy for a healthier and less invasive option.

Why Herbs For Prostate Cancer?

When people think of herbs, prostate cancer treatment doesn’t usually enter the picture alongside them; instead, herbs are simply tasty ingredients to be used in meals. The truth is herbs for prostate health can actually be effective and beneficial for fighting many prostate problems like inflammation and disease.

Herbal Remedies For Prostate

While it is possible to purchase herbal medicine for prostate health, it can be difficult to find trustworthy sources or to find the correct blend for your particular needs. By visiting an alternative medicine specialist, you will be able to get advice for the best herbs and herb combinations for your particular needs.

While herbs are best known for having effective active ingredients for prostate cancer prevention, they are most effective when combined with other known ingredients that are beneficial for a healthy prostate.

If you would like to try some homemade herbal remedies, some of which can easily be added into daily meals, there are a few that can easily be mixed at home.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Garlic and Parsley

Benefits: Tomatoes are known to be powerful anti-cancer fruits that are said to cut the risk of developing prostate cancer in half with regular ingestion.

Garlic is another healthy addition to daily nutrition since it has many benefits for the body, including cancer suppressing ingredients to inhibit growth in the prostate.

Although there is yet little known about the benefits of parsley, it has been said to contain ingredients that are thought to slow down cancer cell growth in the prostate.

How to use: Quite simply, these three ingredients are very common together for pasta dishes, on brochette, soups, drinks and even salads.

Ingredients: Green tea leaves

Benefits: Green tea is well known for being a “super herb”, not only is it a powerful anti-oxidant but it also contains a number of beneficial vitamins and minerals that are an excellent boost for the body’s immune system. There have been many studies that have shown green tea to have active ingredients that actually kill cancer cells within the body.

How to use: Green tea is most popularly served steeped as a drink; however, there are many desserts that include green tea leaves or green tea powder.

While green tea is in fact a very healthy addition to your daily nutritional regime, it’s important to drink it in moderation since the caffeine content can be stronger than coffee. At least one cup a day is generally the recommended amount for adults.

Ingredients: Stinging Nettle

Benefits: Stinging nettle is known to be a very effective anti-inflammatory and generally used in alternative medicine to help alleviate symptoms of prostate problems like prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

How to use: Surprisingly, stinging nettle can be used in any number of different recipes. It can be steeped like tea, used in pastas, soups and even mixed with some meats.

Herbal Prostate Care

Herbal treatment for enlarged prostate glands is very important to treat regularly and as soon as the problems are discovered in order to have the most effective treatment regimen for the best results possible.

To effectively use store bought medicine for an herbal treatment for prostate problems, it’s always recommended to follow the instructions listed with the medication, but if you have chosen mixing homemade herbal remedies, it’s very important to follow directions from a qualified practitioner of herbalism.

It’s also recommended to advise your personal physician if you plan on using homemade herbal remedies since there are some ingredients that can interfere with other treatments or simply for the fact that herbs affect every individual’s body differently. Just because something is natural, doesn’t make it totally safe for everyone.

Taking care of your health and choosing various methods to promote a healthy prostate is always a good choice for a positive lifestyle but regular check-ups, which includes prostate specific screening will also help detect abnormalities early on.

By taking these precautions and making the effort to get regularly check, you will be able to effectively treat any problems early on and with little complications. Once something like prostate cancer is detected in the latter stages, the options for treatment and cure minimize greatly.

Natural Massage For Prostate Health

Natural prostate health is the best choice that many men are making today to ensure their health, since natural health is about taking care of your body as a whole. In any case if you feel like your prostate health is in need of some attention, then the best treatment option should be selected for you. Prostate health is a complex and multifaceted challenge.

Support prostate health with a healthier diet, regular exercise and nutritional supplements. Natural remedies have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to support the healthy functioning of the prostate and male reproductive system, while also acting as immune system tonics to encourage normal and efficient immune functioning.

Prostate massage is an old technique that has been used successfully for hundreds of years. There is no guarantee that it will work for you, but it certainly is worth the effort.

Prostate massage is the most effective means of doing so, as no other method directly stimulates the prostate gland. Tensing the muscles of your entire body can increase the pressure of the massage.

Prostate massage is carried out usually with a massager tool or the finger. The idea is to massage the area of the rectal wall which is next to the prostate so that the gland is stimulated.

Prostate massage is also known as prostate milking. It is the process of stimulating a man’s prostate gland for medical for sexual purposes. Prostate massage is one form of pain alleviating techniques which involves massage of the prostate glands.

Prostate massage is a massage on the prostate, prostate catheter to clear. Patients with acute bacterial prostatitis banned prostate massage to prevent the spread of the infection.

Prostate massage is good to prevent prostate problems such as prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is also good for relieving the symptoms of prostate problems of BPH.

Prostate massage is also a form of sexual play. Whatever your reason may be, let’s say you would like to do prostate massage on your husband or partner. Prostate massage is used as a preventive medical treatment for chronic prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Prostate massage is a sacred tantric ritual used to awaken this sexual-spiritual focus point in your body. The prostate is reached through the anus and is located by gently inserting a finger and slightly curling it up towards the belly.

PROSTATE MASSAGE is the same for all, and should also test groups with equal IQs and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Prostate massage is a healthy and pleasurable activity that can be enjoyed as part of your intimate life. Quite simply, prostate massage stimulates the prostate with a finger or massage tool with the intention of relaxation and/or pleasure.

Prostate massage is the only way, it would seem: if you get involved with the boom like five-foot penis of a bull elephant, you’re apt to get knocked over. Prostate massage is an art form of its own, with incredible rewards for dedicated and willing participants.

Prostate massage is not recommended for men with prostate cancer, as you can cause the cancer to metastasize, or for men with a prostate infection, since the infection can spread. Nor should it be too vigorous, or you can damage the fragile tubes.

Prostate massage is prescribed in cases of chronic bacterial prostatitis, syndrome of chronic pelvic pain, asymptomatic prostatitis etc. Well-done massage helps to better blood circulation, to increase a muscular tone and to restore permeability of prostate channels.

Male reproductive system is best to be understood and taken care of at the right time. It is not only a source of pleasure for the men of today, this is an ignorant view on the subject, and we should learn as soon as possible what is NORMAL and what it ABNORMAL in the sphere of sexual behaviour.

Male prostate stimulation is something that every man should try, as it is neither dirty nor tabooed as opposed to our beliefs. If you are interested in male prostate massage, you will want to know where the exact location of male prostate is and how to go for male prostate milking.

Lubricant is usually inserted into the anus. A prostate massager should be used with care because of the sensitivity of the prostate and rectal region. Lubricate one or two fingers, and as your partner relaxes, insert them gently into his anus. Go very slowly, and let him decide how fast and how deep you go.

Biolectrix Prostate Cushion – Improve Prostate Health While You Sit

Many of us spend nearly their entire day sitting at their desk or in their car. Constant daily sitting puts pressure on the pelvic floor and restricts blood flow to and through the prostate, which can lead to significant prostate health problems over time:

  • Prostate Infections
  • Chronic Prostatitis
  • Enlarged Prostate (BPH)
  • And eventually Prostate Cancer

Prolonged sitting may also aggravate conditions such as Pelvic Pain (Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome) or Haemorrhoids and may cause quite some pain and discomfort.

Maintaining good prostate health is absolutely critically as men get older. With the Biolectrix Prostate Cushion, it’s as simple as sitting down and letting the five components of this patented device promote a healthy prostate.

Five Benefits Of The Biolectrix Prostate Cushions

1. Relieve Prostate Pain by Reducing Pressure

The Biolectrix Prostate Cushion is designed to remove the pressure a standard chair puts on the pelvic floor and prostate. This allows for reduced pelvic pressure and more ventilation resulting in:

  • Increase of healthy blood flow to affected organ
  • More oxygen supply to cells
  • Reduction of swelling
  • Reduced discomfort and pain relief

2. Dual-Layer Cushion Provides Comfort AND Support

The Biolectrix Prostate Cushion is made of dual foam layers with centre donut hole shape cut-outs. A strong, durable bottom layer provides full support even on softer surfaces such as a couch, while a soft top Foam Layer provides full sitting comfort.

This design makes it far better than a simple donut pillow. It gently removes pressure from the entire pelvic floor and prostate while providing you comfort and greater prostate health.

3. Fully Discreet Design Promotes Daily Use

Sitting down day after day for hours at a time is an extremely unhealthy situation for your prostate. Conventional Donut Cushions help with this situation but they draw attention – especially when used in an office environment – and are causes for embarrassment.

The last thing we want our co-workers to know is that we have prostate pain or haemorrhoids. The Prostate Cushion creates a discreet environment for pelvic and prostate health wherever you are.

  • At work
  • In the car
  • At home watching TV

The patented design looks like any ordinary seat cushion but has a hidden centre opening hidden behind a batting layer and a stretch cotton cover. The prostate cushion is completely discreet and there is no visual difference to a standard seat pillow.

4. Bio-Magnetic Therapy Helps with Prostate Inflammations (Prostate Cushion only)

An anatomically optimized design isn’t the only benefit you get from the Prostate Cushion. It also contains a therapeutic magnet creating a magnetic field around and inside the prostate.

Magnet therapy has been used for years to heal a variety of health problems. Now, the Prostate Cushion put that magnetic healing to work to improve your prostate health.

Used for years to reduce the swelling associated with arthritis, strong therapeutic magnets are now addressing the swelling and pain associated with prostate infections.

5. Warmth Relieves Acute Prostatitis Pain (Prostate Cushion only)

Do you want to further relieve the pain of acute prostate infections and improve circulation? Add some warmth. Soothing warmth relieves prostate pain especially in cold weather or when sitting on a cold seat like the car seat or an outdoor stadium.

The Prostate Cushion is designed so you can insert a small, iron-carbon-based warming patch into your Donut Cushion. The warmth provided not only soothes pain, but increases blood flow improving your prostate health.

Prostate Health Exam

The routine prostate health exam itself often becomes a part of yearly routine between the ages of 40 and 50. When one is suggested hinges on personal medical history, genetics and risk factors for prostate cancer and even benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The exam is very important for a number of reasons. It is, however, not the only measure men can take to protect themselves from prostate disease. A look at what the prostate health exam does and does not do often helps clear this up.

What The Exam Does?

An annual prostate health exam serves as nothing more than a screening process. During the exam, doctors look for the signs of enlarged prostate and even cancer. The exam can: Gauge health. It serves as a good marker for current prostate health. Lead to early treatment. Exam results can sometimes lead to very intervention if cancer happens to be present. Early detection and treatment can save lives… Provide comfort. Good exam results often put men’s minds at ease…

What The Exam Does Not Do?

A prostate health exam is a vital screening tool, but it does not do a lot of things. Some of what it is incapable of, but men can do themselves, include:

Prevent prostate problems. The prostate health exam cannot help ensure men prevent problems like benign prostatic hyperplasia or cancer from forming.

Supplement with ingredients like lycopene might be able to help on this front, but the exam does not…Treat problems. Certain natural and medical treatments can reduce symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate. An exam cannot… An annual prostate health exam is important, but it is not the only action men can or should take. When good results are desired, men need to do more than worry about their prostate on a single day out of the year. Supplements, diet and exercise can help prevent problems, but a testing procedure alone does not.

Many men realise that a prostate health exam is important as they age. Some, however, do not understand exactly what this procedure does and what it does not do.

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